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Final Vision: 100% Walkthrough — Klonoa: Door to Phantomile | GamingLinkMedia

Boss: Nahatomb (1st Phase): 5HP

Launch: Nahatomb will launch three Armored Death Moo’s and one Death Moo out of it’s back

Tongue: Nahatomb open its mouth and stick out his tongue, swiping four times at Klonoa to eat him

Shockwave: Nahatomb’s fist will glow and then slam onto the platform creating a shockwave across the entire platform

Boss: Nahatomb (2nd Phase): 6HP

Eye Laser: Nahatomb will unleash an eye laser on the platform moving from one edge of the platform to the other

Boss: Nahatomb (3rd Phase): 5HP

Absorb: Nahatomb will absorb platforms in front of him causing them to shatter temporarily depending on how many Moon Cannon’s are loaded

  • 2 Platforms: 0–1 Moon Cannon loaded
  • 3 Platforms: 2–3 Moon Cannon’s loaded
  • 4 Platforms: 4 Moon Cannon’s loaded

Rainbow Rain: Identical to Rongo Lango’s attack, Nahatomb will release a number of Rainbow Ring’s depending on how many Moon Cannon’s are loaded

  • 2 Rings: 0–1 Moon Cannon loaded
  • 3 Rings: 2–3 Moon Cannon’s loaded
  • 4 Rings: 4 Moon Cannon’s loaded

Launch: Nahatomb will launch Armored Death Moo out of its back

Phase 1

As the battle begins Nahatomb will hunch over and Launch three Armored Death Moo’s and one Death Moo. You’re objective is to Wind Bullet the Death Moo while dodging both the Armored Death Moo’s and Nahatomb’s attacks. Immediate run toward the direction the Death Moon was thrown, chase and Wind Bullet it and throw it at an unloaded Moon Cannon.

After loading the first Moon Cannon stay near the Armored Death Moo and wait for Nahatomb to use Shockwave and break all the Armored Moo’s armor. At that point Wind Bullet each of the Death Moo’s and throw them at the unloaded Moon Cannon’s before Nahatomb uses Shockwave. During this make sure to avoid his Tongue because if you get caught you will not have enough time to load the Moon Cannon’s before he uses Shockwave killing the remaining Death Moo’s.

Phase 2

Nahatomb will summon four Crystals and send them to the upper left and right and lower left and right. He will use Eye Laser, which can be avoided by jumping over or running between it. Death Moo’s will appear at the middle the platform which you must Wind Bullet and throw at the four Crystals. Once all the Crystals are destroyed Nahatomb will summon one final Crystal which floats across the battlefield.

Follow the same strategy as before and Wind Bullet Death Moo’s while dodging the Eye Laser. Throw two Death Moo’s at the final Crystal to destroy Nahatomb’s belly.

Phase 3

Nahatomb will begin with Absorb. Death Moo’s appear whenever a Death Moo isn’t present on the platforms. Run toward the Death Moo’s and avoid any platforms that are flashing white because Nahatomb is using Absorb on it and will soon shatter. Wind Bullet Death Moo and Double Jump over a gap whenever a Moon Cannon is about go beneath it to load it.

It will then start using Launch so be careful not to jump a gap when Armored Death Moo is about to jump toward you.

Rainbow Ring is identical to Rongo Longo’s attack all the way back from Vision 1–2: The Diva and the Dark Spirit ~Gunston Mine~ so just jump over like you did before.

Keep in mind that the number of platforms that are shattered with Absorb and Rainbow Rings shot increase as the number of Moon Cannon’s loaded increase, with a total of 4 each respectively.

Continue loading the Moon Cannon’s with Death Moo’s and the battle will be over quickly.



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