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Kaunan Boss Walkthrough | Jotun: Valhalla Edition

Kaunan is the Fire Giant capable of using fire in order to launch powerful area of effect attacks across the battlefield.

In Valhalla Mode Kaunan creates larger and longer cracks in the ground as well as dropping more fireballs.

🔸Main attacks🔸

🔹High Jump 1🔹

▪️Kaunan will jump high into the air for three seconds then coming crashing down. On landing Kaunan will stay squatted for five seconds, then fireballs will come raining down across the battlefield creating hot zones which will damage you if you step on it.

🔹High Jump 2🔹

▪️Identical to High Jump 1 except when jumping, Kaunan will leave an arc of flame from his launch position. Once landing he will cause flames to erupt around him and six cracks with branches will encircle him reaching near to the edges of the battlefield. The cracks will then burst into flames at the same time while fireballs rain down from above.

🔹Forward Slash 1🔹

▪️Kaunan will raise his sword above his head and will slash in the direction he’s looking.

🔹Forward Slash 2🔹

▪️Identical to Forward Slash 1 except once the sword hits the ground the ground will crack at 0, 90 and 180 degrees and burst into flames.

🔹Scorched Earth 1🔹

▪️Kaunan will jump towards the upper left edge of the battlefield and plant his sword into the earth. He’ll then swing it in an arc from right to left causing eight cracks with branches to appear identical to those you saw in Ymir’s Blood. They reach across half the battlefield and burst into flames from left to right.

🔹Scorched Earth 2🔹

▪️Identical to Scorched Earth 1 except there are 10 cracks each, splitting in half down the middle creating branching cracks for a total of 30 cracks which will burst into flames.


▪️Kaunan will Roar causing his sword to become red hot and fireballs will rain down from above around the battlefield.

🔸The Battle🔸

The battle is virtually identical to normal mode except for the amount of cracks that appear and fireballs that fall.

🔹100% Boss Health🔹

▪️As you run up to Kaunan working on his sword at the anvil he will avoid attacking you for a second and then dip his sword into the water beside him causing steam to rise around him. At this point he will do Forward Slash 1 so make sure you’re not near enough to be hit.

▪️If Kaunan uses Forward Slash 1 run off to either his left or right side not worrying about keeping a wide distance because his sword has a narrow hitbox. From there run next to him and use a heavy attack before he gets up. He tends to use High Jump 1 at this point after this attack.

▪️If Kaunan uses High Jump 1 stay away from his shadow because that’s where he’ll land. As soon as he appears use two heavy attacks on him before the fireballs rain down from above. If you attack Kaunan from his left side near his head you can cause him to fall over after the heavy attacks which will allow you to hit his weak point for extra damage, his helmet.

▪️If Kaunan uses Scorched Earth 1 run towards his right side if he’s close by otherwise run straight towards him avoiding the cracks as they burst into flames. As soon as you’re near, use a heavy attack on him.

🔹66% Boss Health🔹

▪️Once Kaunan reaches 66% health he will Roar causing fireballs to rain across the battlefield creating hot zones.

▪️If Kaunan uses Scorched Earth 2 don’t run towards him if you’re not close. He’ll likely use High Jump 2 and go straight to the middle of the battlefield before you can reach him.

▪️If Kaunan uses High Jump 2, stay away from the middle when he lands and the ring of fire disappears. Run close to him, avoiding the cracks, using Freyja’s Speed and Thor’s Hammer to do as much damage as possible before he gets up. If you notice that fireballs are going to land on you, use Heimdall’s Shield to continue attacking. He’ll likely use High Jump 2 a third time so make sure you’re ready to quickly dodge and ready to begin using heavy attacks. Also remember to attack Kaunan from his left side near his head to cause him to fall over after the heavy attacks which will allow you to hit his weak point for extra damage, his helmet.

▪️If Kaunan uses Forward Slash 2 follow the same strategy as Forward Slash 1 except making sure that you’re avoiding standing on the cracks that appear at the 0, 90 and 180 degree angles.

▪️As soon as he gets down to about 30% health use Gungnir twice to immediately defeat Kaunan.




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