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The Story Of Super Princess Peach

‘On Vibe island legend tells of a hidden great power’.

Vibe Island

King Bowser learns of the legend, travels to the island and builds himself a summer villa. During his time on Vibe Island, Bowser has his army looking for the Vibe Scepter while he spends his time imagining what it will be like to defeat Mario.

Some time passes and while he is still thinking about Mario, Army Hammer Bro rushes into the throne room with the Vibe Scepter. Bowser expresses his shock that they actually found the Scepter. Army Hammer Bro declares ‘at last, we’ ll have our revenge on Mario and his annoying pals’. He is silenced explaining that the ‘walls have ears’ and orders the throne room doors shut. Curious of the power the Scepter holds he orders that they test it on Mario and company. The Army Hammer Bro calls over a Goomba and orders it to return to the Mushroom kingdom, enter Peach’s castle and wave the Scepter around. To aid in the assault he also orders the Hammer Bros army to assist.

Back in the Mushroom kingdom the plan is set into motion. As the Hammer Bro army lie in wait, the Goomba casually strolls into the castle with the Scepter. The Army Hammer Bro holding the Koopa Shellceiver waits for the all clear before they invade. Surprisingly, Goomba enters without a hitch and waves the Scepter around creating enough emotional chaos for the army to get inside without any trouble. They tie up Mario, Luigi and Toad, taking them back to Bowser’s summer villa, imprisoning them in the dungeon.

During the victory celebration Bowser becomes curious about the limits of the Scepter’s power and has Goomba called into the throne room. Goomba at this point has come under the influence of the Scepter’s power, becoming joyful and once inside it waves the Scepter around causing the emotions of everyone inside to run rampant. Bowser, Army Hammer Bro and the summer villa fall into chaos.

During this time Princess Peach, along with Toadsworth return to the castle after a short walk. Walking in they find it in chaos with the Mario bros. nowhere in sight. A Toad finds a note lying on the ground and gives it to Peach.

‘Gwahahaha! You bratty mushroom losers! This time I’ve captured Mario!! Who will save you now? If you want him, come get him! GWAHAHAHA!’ — Bowser

In enraged determination she decides that only she can save them. She rushes out of the castle, destination Vibe Island. Toadsworth manages to catch up to her before she leaves the leaves the kingdom and presents her with the sentient umbrella, Perry.

On reaching Vibe Island, Peach finds it in emotional chaos thanks to the Goomba waving the Vibe Scepter around earlier. Peach, not immune to the Scepter, finds that she exhibits full control over her emotions. While also strangely uncovering her hidden powers when she when in a specific vibe (emotional state). Rage causes her to spontaneously combust, gloomy causes her to cry waterfalls of tears, joy allows her to float using mini-tornadoes and calm allows her to quickly heal her wounds.

Thanks to her determination and unlocked powers she fights her way through Vibe Island saving kidnapped Toads and learning about Perry’s history each day.

Ladida Plains

In the grassy Ladida Plains, Peach confronts Petey Piranha the Piranha Plant in the final area as she attempts to rescue the capture Toad.

As she reaches the final area leading to Petey, she uses vine elastic bands to launch herself upwards to the top of the mountain dodging gloomy flying Goomba’s. When she reaches the top of the mountain she enters the pipe. Here she enters a grassy plain and noticing the captured Toad, she rushes towards it with joy. Suddenly Petey appears from underground and eats the Toad.

During the battle Peach has trouble fighting Petey because with every scream he spits out a muncher that tries to eat her. Noticing that he tends to open his mouth wipe open after every scream, she devises a plan. Waiting until just after he screams she runs towards a small vine on the ground and by becoming gloomy she cries tears, enough to magically grow the vine to the same height as Petey. Quickly climbing the vine, she cries directly into his mouth. Although he is larger than most Piranha plants he isn’t able to drink so much water so he collapses. Peach uses this opportunity to stomp on his belly giving him a big tummy ache. Petey unable to contain his rage unleashes it, making him red, spitting out more munchers, stomping around the field and flapping it’s leaf arms fast enough to send powerful airwaves. All that at twice the speed. Unfortunately, e still can’t drink all the tears that she feeds him. After one final stomp on Petey he finally explodes and the last captured Toad in Ladida Plains is rescued.

The path is now open to Hoo’s Wood, but before they leave, Peach decides to camp for the night along with Perry.

During the night Perry dreams of his past where he sees and old man, wondering why he is sleeping in the middle of nowhere’.

Hoo’s Wood

Through the lush vegetation of Hoo’s Wood Peach rushes to the confrontation with Hoo the owl.

As she reaches the final area she finds she has no way to climb to the top of the tall trees so she takes a spherical log and rolls it between two trees, riding vertically as she dodges thorny vines attempting to stop her. At the top she enters the pipe, spotting the captured Toad. As she rushes towards Toad, Hoo flies by and snatches it away.

Throughout the battle Hoo continues to pepper the battlefield with three eggs in an attempt to hit Peach but because Peach is so nimble so easily evades all of them. In desperation Hoo quickly flies towards her trying to snatch her with it’s claw the same way it did when it snatched Toad. As Hoo flies near she jumps as high as she can stomping on Hoo’s head. Hoo unable to notice Peach anticipating it’s attack continues to try and grab her. After many failed attempts Hoo becomes enraged this time gaining more power just like Petey Piranha did. To stop Peach’s movements Hoo tears apart the mushroom platform causing Peach to fall towards the ground, unfortunately Peach can float thanks to both Perry and her control the joy emotion.

Hoo using this opportunity to fly towards the centre of Peach’s trajectory and prepares to launch a volley of eggs at her. Peach anticipating that Hoo was going to use a powerful attack, waited for this moment to unleash her joy to slow her descent and float above Hoo. In one final attack she stomps hard on Hoo’s head giving it a massive headache and causing it to explode in a glorified bright light.

With the battle over the captured Toad is now free to and the path towards Shriek Mansion is now open. Before Peach and Perry move on they decide that they need to rest up.

During the night Perry again dreams of his past where the old man is revealed to be his grandpa and they are journeying up the mountain to play.’

Shriek Mansion

In the spooky Shriek Mansion, Peach encounters a massive amount of Boos with the exit guarded by their king, King Boo.

As Peach floats down in the final area of Shriek Mansion she finds a pipe at the bottom leading to a room with trampolines and Toad surrounded by Boo’s. The four ghost’s holding the lit lanterns are surprised Peach made it here, they then douse the flames calling King Boo.

King Boo, being a ghost is immune to all physical attacks. She devises a plan to light the lanterns using control of her rage and hopes that scares King Boo away. After lighting all four lanterns King Boo takes damage from the light. In his pain he becomes gloomy crying waterfall tears as he rushes to douse the flames. Feeling relieved that the light is out he returns to chasing Peach. Peach now knows her plan will work so she moves faster to relight the lanterns. King Boo is tough so it takes sometime before he is unable to fight. After a long battle King Boo gives up and returns Toad. Peach frees Toad and with the path to Fury Volcano open, she leaves Shriek Mansion and sets up camp to rest from the long battle.

During the night Perry again dreams of his grandpa wondering what happened to him. He then dreams that a strange shadowy figure appears in front of his grandpa and a strong light flashing with Perry begging the shadowy figure to stop what it’s doing. It’s at this point that Perry appears and flies towards the those figures’.

Fury Volcano

In the fury of Fury Volcano Peach encounters rage filled enemies and random cyclones on her way towards the exit finally confronting the Wiggler.

As Peach makes her way through the final area she floats down into the volcano dodging boulders until at last she reaches the ground and enters the pipe. After exiting the pipe she see’s the captured Toad but as always, as she rushes towards Toad to free it, the Wiggler rushes across the field knocking Toad away.

The Wiggler is a fast foe as it sprints across the field hoping to tackle Peach. Unfortunately there are two levels so every time she sees the Wiggler she goes down safely avoiding the its tackle. As she looks down into the bottom level she notices that they are flame powered trampolines. Using her quick wit she decides to jump on the trampoline unleashing her rage to prepare the trampoline for release. The Wiggler charges across the field at this point and gets punched in the gut by the trampoline. Losing it’s balance, it flips over giving her enough time to rush over and stomp on it’s belly. The battle rages on with Peach continuing the plan and stomping on the Wigglers belly. The Wiggler, finally fed up with getting stomped on becomes enraged charging even faster across the field. As with the previous bosses, they all happen to be unable to notice that they follow a pattern of attack which Peach exploits. After taking to many punches the Wiggler explodes creating a clear path to the captured Toad. Peach rescues Toad, the path to the Wavy Beach is now open but before they move on they decide they need a rest so they set up camp.

Perry again dreams of his grandpa wishing to see him again when the shadowy figure returns this time we see the name, Evil Magician who appears to be hunting Perry. Grandpa doesn’t know what‘s going on but when the Evil Magician casts his spell it appears that Perry is pulled towards him and is now on his way to deliver him to the Evil Magicians boss’.

Wavy Beach

In the wet area, Wavy Beach, Peach encounters Chain Chomps for the first time since stepping onto Vibe Island with a confrontation with Gooper Blooper the Giant Blooper.

As Peach makes he way towards the final area she rolls a wooden sphere similar to back in Hoo’s Woods along the cavernous walls while dodging arrows shot out of the walls. After rolling the wooden sphere to the top she hops off and enters the pipe to the final Toad. Running towards the captured Toad a pair of tentacles appears behind the bushes, smacking it away. From there, Gooper Blooper appears with a smile.

The Gooper Blooper dislikes being seen so it stays behind the bushes while trying to grab Peach with it’s tentacles. After many failed attempts Gooper shoots out balls of ink onto the ground in an attempt to slow her down. Realizing that the tentacles are it’s weakness she stomps on each tentacle as they reach out to grab her. In a desperate attempt to catch her, Gooper blows out a giant bubble. She pops the bubble using Perry and in one final attempt Gooper rapidly swings it’s tentacles while shooting ink blots. Peach continues to prove she is too nimble for Gooper and after landing the final stomps on the tentacles, Gooper gives up and explodes. The captured Toad is now free and the path to Gleam Glacier is open but before they leave, they set up camp.

Perry again dreams of his grandpa and the Evil Magician. He realizes he’s cursed and the Evil Magicians boss is searching for him. The Evil Magician uses his spell to capture Perry away from his Grandpa and as they make their escape the Evil Magician says ‘..does that kid really have powers like Boss said?’. The Evil Magician though doesn’t care whether Perry has powers because he only cares about his boss’ happiness. In his carelessness, Perry is dropped and a travelling merchants sees him. The merchant decides that Perry can be sold and takes him away.”

Gleam Glacier

In the frozen tundra called Gleam Glacier, Peach slides her way to the final area only to encounter the ice dragon Blizzaurus.

While using Perry to float down the icy cavern she dodges giant balls of hail. As shes touches the ground she goes down the pipe and enters Blizzaurus’ domain. Running towards the captured Toad she notices Blizzaurus behind him who immediately shoots an ice beam at Peach freezing her and then tackling both her and Toad knocking them into the air. She breaks free from the ice using her rage and prepares for battle.

Blizzaurus uses its mastery of ice to encase itself in ice while still able to shoot ice beams out of it. Peach tries to shatter the ice with her stomp but she isn’t strong enough. Knowing the ice first needs to go before she can reach Blizzaurus she uses her rage to shatter it. Blizzaurus continues reform the ice but Peach’s rage is to strong. Unable to keep up, it’s revealed that Blizzaurus is an ice fairy. In her true form she can use her full powers to encase herself in ice while dropping giant icicles on Peach. Peach has a hard time dodging but still manages too. Realizing she needs to quickly shatter the ice surrounding Blizzaurus she hops on the giant icicles so her rage can reach to floating Blizzaurus. After being burned too many times, Blizzaurus finally explodes leaving the captured Toad unguarded. Peach rushes over to free Toad and with the path to Giddy Sky now open she takes a break and sets up camp.

Perry again dreams of his grandpa, the Evil Magician and being turned into an umbrella. As it turns out Perry managed to slip out of the Evil Magicians grasp and fall along the road. A Travelling Merchant picked him up with the intent to sell him. Soon realizing that he couldn’t sell Perry, gave him away for free to the browsing Toadsworth. Perry realizes now that he’s free he can make his way back to his grandpa’.

Giddy Sky

Rushing through the fluffy Giddy Sky, Peach encounters flying Koopa Troopas as she makes her way to the final area to confront Giant Kamek and rescue Luigi.

Upon her entry into the final area Peach uses the elastic rainbow bands similar to the vines she used to reach Petey Piranha back in Ladida Plains. Dodges gloomy winged Goomba’s, she finally reaches the top and enters the pipe. As she exits the pipe she rushes toward the captive Luigi but Kamek uses his magic to toss Luigi aside and become Giant Kamek. The battle against Bowser’s retainer Kamek and Peach begins.

A lonely cloud notices that Peach is up against Kamek so it decides to help her out by floating in the middle of the sky so Peach is better able to dodge his spells. Kamek uses his continuous teleportation spell in an effort to confuse Peach long enough for him to stop and launch one of his spells at her. Using her nimbleness to easily dodge incoming spells, she jumps towards Kamek and uses her joy to create tornadoes to smack his face around. Kamek, angry that he can’t manage to hit her with any of his spells becomes gloomy, doubling his spell casting speed and launching his spells in every direction. Peach dodges everything and jumps towards him one last time summoning her joy to create another tornado smacking him around once again. Knowing he stands no chance, gives up and teleports away. With Kamek defeated, Peach rushes over to Luigi and free him. As they spin in celebration Peach lets go of him causing Luigi to fly across the field while Peach looks ahead at the open path towards Bowser’s Summer Villa. Before the final battle they decide to rest and set up camp.

In Perry’s dream, it’s revealed that Perry was an orphan, found an old man who Perry starts calling his Grandpa. Soon after, the Evil Magician stumbles upon them. In an attempt to protect Perry from being taken by the Evil Magician his grandpa tries to stop them but he was no match for the Magicians magic. Perry is transformed into an umbrella and taken away. During the escape Perry manages to wiggle free and falls along the roadside. Perry, unable to move or speak is stuck there for days before a travelling merchant appears. Perry unintentionally uses his powers to glow and get the merchants attention before he gets away. Deciding that the umbrella may have some value so he takes it. As time goes by Perry was never sold until Toadsworth appears and somehow feels his power. The Merchant knowing he can’t sell Perry gives him to Toadsworth for free. He then takes Perry noting that the umbrella was ‘no simple umbrella’. It was here that Perry’s adventure began and the dream that he would one day reunite with his grandpa’.

Bowser’s Summer Villa

Entering Bowser’s Summer Villa, Peach encounters the entirety of his army as she makes her way to the final confrontations against Army Hammer Bro, the Koopa King, Bowser and her ultimate goal of rescuing Mario.

As Peach reaches the final area she floats downward, dodging Boos trying to catch her. Once she touches ground she enters the pipe leading to Bowser’s throne room. Before she can battle Bowser, she first has to deal with Army Hammer Bro. Bowser decides to increase Army Hammer Bro strength using the Vibe Scepter to enrage him. As he teleport’s to the villa rooftop the Hammer Bro army arrives.

Peach easily get rids of the Hammer Bro Army by stomping on them and then begins her chase after Army Hammer Bro as he jumps around the field. Finally managing to catch up to him and smack him with Perry he proves he can take more hits than the average Hammer Bro. Unfortunately for Peach, the Army Hammer Bro continues calling Hammer Bros making the battle more chaotic. After a few more whacks the Army Hammer Bro is defeated and as he calls out to Bowser, he explodes. The path to Bowser now clear, she enters the beam of light emanating from the throne and teleport’s to the rooftop.

Bowser commends Peach on her abilities before releasing the full power of the Vibe Scepter. Bowser attacks using his powerful fireballs to try and set her on fire. Unleashing his Joy he is able to jump stomp with such intensity that it sends powerful shockwaves across the field. Unleashing his gloom forces him to well up with tears, throwing a tantrum and with it, hammers across the field before jumping high and throwing gigantic hammers down at her. The battle is the toughest one she has had to face so far but thanks to her rage she continues setting fire to his face. The battle goes on for so long that he gets annoyed, unleashing his rage allowing him to attack and move at twice the speed. Peach determined to rescue Mario unleashes her own rage setting fire to Bowser over and over again. Knowing that he can’t defeat her by using the Vibe Scepter he uses his magic to become Giant Bowser.

Bowser gives up the Vibe Scepter and decides to use his now oversized, overpowered fireballs to burn Peach, dropping spiked balls from above while using magic to summon a wheel of hammers to cut off her movements. Peach, too nimble, forces him to resort to also dropping Bob-ombs so he slams both hands down. This leads to an advantage, as she stomps on them to activate the fuse then using Perry she lifts in front of Bowser’s face until it explodes. Bowser, now injured, conjures up and fires three fireballs in response. Peach again explodes another Bob-omb in front of his face as he shoots two fireballs in two directions. After taking too much damage he reveals the Vibe Scepter and uses it to create a protective seal around himself while safely healing. Peach knowing she will lose if he fully heals rushes over and shatters the seal stopping the healing process. Bowser, apparently not learning that dropping Bob-ombs for Peach to use isn’t a good idea continues dropping them, leading to his eventual defeat.

The Victory

The victorious Peach, unsatisfied with the victory decides to use all her rage and smack the normal sized Bowser one last time off the castle and into the atmosphere along with the Vibe Scepter.

With Bowser now defeated, Peach, Toads and Luigi rush towards the dungeon where Mario is caged. Perry flies over to the cage and uses his handle to unlock it. As Peach and Luigi rush over to Mario to celebrate her victory Peach smacks Luigi away and celebrates alone with Mario.

Peach, Perry, Mario, Luigi and Toad all walk back towards the Mushroom Kingdom with the whereabouts of the Vibe Scepter unknown and the mystery of Perry the umbrella still unsolved.

The End



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