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Vision 3–2: 100% Walkthrough — Klonoa: Door to Phantomile | GamingLinkMedia

Run right and Wind Bullet Boomie that appears. Run in front of the hole in the fence in the background and throw Boomie through it. Once Boomie explodes the Switch will activate the Hammer to hit the Wooden Platform. Run right and ride the Wooden Platform. Once it stops with a door to your right, get off and go through the door.

Run right and jump through the hole in the ceiling, going through the door on your right side to enter the tree. Run right across the bridge and through the next door.

Continue along the path, jumping on the inactive Rolling Log next to the Key. Jump across the Rolling Log and pick up the Key. Now run back to the Wooden Platform outside of the tree.

Ride the Wooden Platform to the next pathway. Run left, dodging the Boomie on the way and go through the door at the end to exit the Tree Mansion.

Activate the Memory Clock to your right and run left across the pathway. Jump across the gap and quickly Wind Bullet Dabby. As you run left jump onto the wooden platforms and throw Dabby at Moo who’s jumping around. Once done jump up the wooden platforms to the upper pathway.

Run left, jumping past two Spiker’s in the way. Stop and Wind Bullet Monkey Moo. Turn around on the first upper platform and throw Monkey Moo at Phantomilian Prisoner 1 to free it. Continue jumping left across the remaining platforms dodging past the last Spiker beside a Memory Clock.

Turn around and wait for the Flying Moo to appear where Spiker has been cycling. Wind Bullet it and run left, using the Jumping Platform to reach the upper pathway. Run off the end of the path and face right and throw Flying Moo toward the Switch to open up a hole to your right and a door to the left.

Run right back onto the pathway and jump down into the hole. Run left and through the open fence. Use the Jumping Platform to reach the upper area. Run left, Wind Bullet Boomie and quickly enter the door into the next area.

Quickly run to the right and turn around once your just under the Dream Stone (Green). Jump up and throw Boomie at the Ngapoko Egg to free Phantomilian Prisoner 2. Run through the door on the right enter the next area.

Joka will be seen with a Locked Door and when he realises Klonoa is here, he remarks that they’re too late anyways. He then runs away toward the opposite doorway”.

Run left and dodge past Boomie and Shellie. As you pass Phantomilian Prisoner 3 in the background, Wind Bullet Boomie who is just up ahead. Throw Boomie at Phantomilian Prisoner 3 to free it. Continue running left past Teepa and the Locked Door. Go through the door at the end of the path past another Teepa.

Activate the Memory Clock and run left jumping across the gap toward the upper pathway. Continue running left and Wind Bullet Boomie who appears. Continue running, jumping the gap toward the next pathway and fall of the ledge. Throw Boomie to the left and run quickly back to the gap, falling down onto the lower pathway. Quickly run left along the path, dodging the Boomie and going through the open door before it shuts.

Joka will be shocked to see you and challenges you to take the Key from him by reaching him on the high platform”.

Run right and wait for two Flying Moo’s to appear. You’ll need to perform a double Double Jump using both Flying Moo’s. Jump up and Wind Bullet Flying Moo, immediately doing a Double Jump, then immediately Wind Bullet the next Flying Moo and Double Jump off of that one toward the high platform next to Joka.

Joka in shock will run away only to crash into the wall and fall off the ledge dropping the Key in the process”.

Collect the Key and jump of the ledge floating toward Phantomilian Prisoner 4. Wind Bullet it before you fall to free it. Exit the previous two areas and return to the outdoor area with the Locked Door.

Run right across the pathway and through the Locked Door you seen Joka standing at previously, with the red door frame. Unlock and enter it.

Right right along the pathway and hit the Switches in this order: left, right and centre.

“The tree mechanisms will reactivate and you’ll now be able to reach the highest level of the tree”.

Activate the Memory Clock to the right and head back outside. Jump over the door and run right along the path going through the door at the end to re-enter the tree. Run across the bridge and through the door at the end. Run right and fall off the ledge landing next to the Jumping Platform. From there run right and enter the first door you see.

Once back inside, jump over the Wooden Platform to the door on the opposite side and enter it.

“Make sure you don’t step onto the Wooden Platform otherwise your going to have to ride it to the opposite side”.

Run right along the path and jump over the gap, entering the door. Run across the bridge and enter the door.

Run right and jump on the Rolling Log, occasionally running a bit left while waiting for the Gondola to come down to your right. Jump on the Gondola and ride it toward Phantomilian Prisoner 5. Jump onto the Conveyor Belt to the left and turn around, using Wind Bullet to free Phantomilian Prisoner 5.

Activate the Memory Clock before running left along the Spinning Platforms, Conveyor Belts and Spiker’s toward the pathway. Jump on the pathway and run left through the door into the next area.

Jump off the ledge onto the Conveyor Belt. Ride it down, jump up and Wind Bullet Phantomilian Prisoner 6 to free it, making sure to land on the Rolling Log beneath it. Ride the Wooden Platform to your left up toward the door above and go through it to exit Tree Mansion.

Once outside Wind Bullet Memory Clock and run right while avoiding the Giant Spiked Balls as you make your way to the door at the end of the path.

Once through the door jump on the Wooden Platform in the middle of the room to ride it to Granny’s house.

Joka is currently interrogating Granny for information but refuses to give any. Klonoa then appears and as he demands Joka stop the interrogation he summons Gelg Bolm. At this point he retreats and warns Gelg Bolm to watch out for attacks from above”.

Boss: Gelg Bolm: 5HP
Charge at 5HP: Gelg Bolm will charge forward from the left edge to the right edge and vice-versa
Fireball (Small) at 2HP: Gelg Bolm launches a Small Fireball from one of the edges he’s currently standing at
Jump Slam at 2HP: Gelg Bolm will launch itself into the air for a few seconds following Klonoa before falling down
Berserk at 2HP: Gelg Bolm will turn magenta and increase it’s Charge speed
Fireball (Large) at 1HP: Gelg Bolm launches a Large Fireball from one of the edges he’s currently standing at

Gelg Bolm’s only weakness is the core in it’s exposed centre which can be hit by Double Jumping over it as it passes beneath you.

To damage Gelg Bolm you need to stay on the left or right side of the pathway and Wind Bullet a Moo as it jumps in from the background. Next, get onto a Jump Platform and wait for Gelg Bolm to Charge toward you. As it gets near jump high off the Jump Platform and Double Jump as it passes under you to hit its core.

During Jump Slam keep and eye on it’s shadow. Once it stops swinging back and forth it’s going to drop down. Move out of it’s way before then. Make sure you’re also a give a some distance between the Jump Platform and where Gelg Bolm will land. If you do this you’ll be able to use the Jump Platform Double Jump over Gelg Bolm before it recovers and runs off to the edge of the pathway.

Fireball (Small) can be easily jumped over with the Jump Platform.

Fireball (Large) requires either to jump off a Jump Platform Double Jump or jumping off the Jump Platform then floating in the air.

“After saving Granny, Klonoa asks about the Moon Pendant but before he can explain his concerns she explains she already understands the situation. She notes the Dark Spirit [Ghadius] has returned, the Moon Pendant, Diva Lephise and the dream that creates Phantomile are all according to a legend and offerings must be placed in the Temple of the Sun’s pedestals.

After Granny asks where the Moon Pendant is, Klonoa says it’s with his Grandpa back home. Joka appears from behind a leaf carried by a Tepon. He then flies off toward Grandpa’s home. Granny points Klonoa toward the shortcut home, the Wind Ruins and off Klonoa and Huepow go to save Grandpa in Vision 4–1: A Village in Danger ~The Ruin of the Wind Kingdom~”.



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