Steam Credits are here—which means so is CS:GO! (Image via Counter Strike)

♨️ Steam Credits are here! ♨️

Hey Gammers! (Get it? It’s like gamers + gamma? Ok, nevermind…)

Anyway—it’s been along time since we last updated the GammaNow market, but today we’ve got something a lot of you have been asking for! We’re happy to announce today we will be adding Steam Credit!

Steam Credit will be offered starting today in $20 USD amounts. These rewards will be great if you love playing any games on the Steam platform or any titles published by Valve like Counter Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA 2.

The best part about this reward? Internationally redeemable on day one. Just be aware Steam will convert the $20 USD value into your native currency when you redeem!

If you’ve been stockpiling Gamma Points waiting for this moment, go check it out! As always, thanks for the support and game on!