Earn Gamma Points by Referring your Friends!

Arix King
Arix King
May 14, 2018 · 2 min read

Another long awaited feature now added to GammaNow: friend referrals! So, what do you need to know about how it works

When you log into GammaNow, you’ll notice a new segment on your dashboard with a referral link. It will look a bit like this…

Find it? Cool. Here’s what you do now.

Copy your referral link in the text box (or just click the copy button!) and then send to your friend. DM them on Discord, shoot it to them in a text message, maybe tweet it out to your growing stream following? 👀

All your friend needs to do is follow the link to sign up and create a Gamma account. Simple enough, yeah?

To keep things fair, there’s some side quests involved in this referral—but you’ll both get a bonus when achieved! Once your invited friend earns their first 5,000GP, you’ll both be rewarded with an additional 2,500GP.

(No, the free sign-up points are not counted. Sorry!)

That’s it! Thanks—as always—for supporting us and being a part of our community! We’re working on stabilizing the app further and offering rewards, so hang tight and get your friends onboard so they don’t miss out!


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