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Gamma’s v2 Smart Contract Audit Completed by ConsenSys Diligence & Arbitrary Execution

Over the past several months, Gamma has been focused squarely on contract and client security, enlisting leading security firms ConsenSys Diligence and Arbitrary Execution for security consulting, contract auditing and overseeing a total overhaul of our liquidity management infrastructure.

Our choice to engage security partner Arbitrary Execution in our LP management redesign forced tough UX concessions such as temporarily freezing single-single sided deposits to harden against TWAP attacks and limiting flashloan exposure in the positions we take.

Under the hood, we narrowed our feature-set to accommodate slippage protections against MEV, bind deposit configurations to move in lockstep with pool dynamics, and introduce a permissioned co-management layer to bring Gamma’s B2B offering, Gamma Pro, under a unified architecture.

Gas-intensive procedures were reduced or eliminated, where possible, and NFT vaults have been removed as a requirement to participate in Gamma’s active management offerings. Gas costs for compounding accrued fees have been reduced by 40%, allowing for significant enhancement of our strategies. The elimination of the NFT vaults allowed for greater fungibility of our managed liquidity positions for uses such as staking, lending/borrowing, and bonding on Olympus Pro.

Recently, after two months of collaboration with industry leader, ConsenSys Diligence, we have released our final audit of Gamma’s v2 contracts and are back to developing new features under our new security-enhanced infrastructure.

Our permissions layer has opened the door for a swath of new and existing DeFi services to access fungible Uniswap v3 liquidity by leveraging Gamma on their backend, with several nearing release.

In a parallel exercise, we’ve worked with Forta extensively for contract monitoring in preparation for migrating our management accounts to Open Zeppelin Defender, a first step toward opening secure management to 3rd party strategists. The services provided by Open Zeppelin Defender and Forta sentinels will allow for trusted execution of automated transactions.

Through this process of acquiring top tier audits and overhauling our liquidity management infrastructure, Gamma has matured from a bleeding-edge liquidity management solution to a battle-hardened DeFi primitive.



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