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A Future Powered by Social Mining

Writer’s Creation from DAOVERSE

Social Mining is the origin of my Crypto Space journey. "NEM Hub" is an accelerator for the ecological development of "NEM & Symbol" blockchain. In the free time, I have come into contact with many active ecological contributors, have a better understanding of project-related knowledge, and have also received several good Workdrop rewards by collecting information, forwarding official articles, and submitting activity tasks.

The following are my past articles on Social Mining:

Investment scams, hacker attacks, human negligence and other misfortunes are endless in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency areas, coupled with huge transaction risks and Gas fees, making many potential investors timid, we may not know where to begin. The DAO Labs team has participated in `DAO Maker, NEM, QTUM, CELO` and other famous projects in the past. With a clear development plan, complete website structure, so the risk of getting started with Social Mining is relatively low, and we can get additional benefits. The Multi-chain Social Mining Hub is also worth looking forward to.

Real-life use case thinking of Social Mining

Google Maps is known to have many good functions: navigation, scheduling, score, etc. In order to save time and cost, we sometimes choose what to eat, where to go, where to live based on the scores and describitons on Google Maps. American market survey research pointed out that more than half of the people feel these online scores and decription are reliable. We even can reach higher levels and get badges through earn points for our contributions. In addition to recording our own life experience and improving the credibility of describitons, Google Maps will also increase the value because more and more people contribute on it (Google Local Guides).

In the 21st century, there are trends such as shared/gig economy, task orientation, and the use of AI intelligence. Fortunately, the unique Influence, Reputations, Points mechanism of Social Mining, combined with Google’s Local Guides will have the opportunity to become a new generation stable job. In addition to allowing users who give positive descriptions to have additional and sustainable benefits, Top Local Guides will exert a good influence to assist ecological development. At the same time, Social Mining gonna face a large influx of users. It will test the network system, budget control, and reward payment. Top Local Guides affect voting proposals and reward distribution of users. The formula for Workdrop payment will be more complicated, and a strict Score system would improve the extreme/fake opinions on Google Maps. Social Mining will help increase the credibility of the Google Maps Score system, increase the number of users, reduce the sense of customers psychological gap, and also help local stores to promote and increase people’s livelihood economy. It’s a long-term approach to win-win for DAO Labs & Google Maps.




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