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Selenium IDE is an effective toolkit for building textbooks. This Firefox kit provides interfaces for simpler use of the development of cell samples.

Selenium is one of the most popular tools used for automated web application applications. This is an open source tool used to test scanners or evaluation cases in the web application. Selenium is suitable for many languages such as Java, C #, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python

Who Developed Selenium?

Because selenium is a different set of tools, it also had different developers. Below are the main people who made outstanding contributions to the Selenium Project. Primarily the selenium made by Jason Huggins in 2004. An engineer at ThoughtWorks, he worked on a web application test is often Necessary.

Once you realize that repetitive manual testing of your applications is becoming more and more efficient, it has created a JavaScript program that will automatically control browser behavior. He called this program “JavaScriptTestRunner”. Seeing the potential of the idea was to help automate Web applications to another, it made Open Source JavaScriptRunner, which was later renamed as Core Selenium.

Is selenium not just a tool, but a single software package? O modules, each with a different approach to supporting automation testing. It contains four main components include:

1. Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

2. Remote Control of Selenium (Now Deprecated)

3. WebDriver

4. Selenium grid

1.Selenium Integrated Development Environment(IDE)

The Selenium IDE is implemented as a Firefox extension that provides the recording and playback functionality in character testing. This allows export testers to write scripts in multiple languages, such as HTML, Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C #, JUnit, and TestNG. You can use this script exported in selenium RC or WebDriver.

> Selenium IDE has a limited number of scripts and the range of tests produced are not very robust and portable.

2. Remote Control of Selenium

RC Selenium (officially not used by Selenium) allows testers to write automatic Web application UI tests in a supported programming language. It also involves an HTTP proxy server that allows a browser to verify that the Web application to be tested is coming from the domain provided by the proxy server.

The selenium RC comes with two components.

1. The selenium RC server (which acts as a proxy for HTTP web requests).

2. Client Selenium RC (libraries contains code programming language).

The figure below shows a representation of the selenium RC architecture.

RC Selenium is considered quite effective for complex web-based AJAX user interface testing under a seamless integration system.

3. WebDriver

WebDriver Selenium (Selenium 2) is the successor to Selenium RC and is by far the most important component of the Selenium Suite. SeleniumWebDriver provides a programming interface for creating and running test cases. The written test of letters to identify the elements of a web page on the web and the desired actions below made in these elements.

The selenium WebDriver performs faster than the selenium RC comparison, as it makes direct calls to web browsers. RC, on the other hand, needs an RC server to interact with the web browser.

Because WebDriver calls the direct method from different browsers, we need a separate driver for each browser. Some of the most used drivers are:

  • The Mozilla Firefox Driver (Driver Gecko)
  • Google Chrome Driver
  • Internet Explorer Driver
  • Opera Driver
  • Safari Driver
  • The HTML Driver (no special driver head)

4. The selenium grid

The Selenium Grid is also an important component of the selenium set that allows us to run our tests on different machines in different browsers in parallel. In simple words, we can run our tests on the same machine running different browsers and different operating systems.

The Selenium Hub Grid architecture tracks points for parallel execution of test scripts. The hubs are considered as the master and the other nodes of the network will do it. Hub organizes the execution of test scripts across multiple network nodes.


Taking the simultaneous testing road in various browsers and environments.

Saves time enormously.

The concept uses a hub and dot. The hub acts as a central source of selenium commands for each point associated with it.

How to Choose the Right Selenium Tool for Your Need

Selenium IDE:

  • To learn about concepts on automated testing and Selenium, including:

· Selenese commands such as type, open, clickAndWait, assert, verify, etc.

· Locators such as id, name, XPath, CSS selector, etc.

· Executing customized JavaScript code using runScript

· Exporting test cases in various formats.

  • To create tests with little or no prior knowledge in programming.
  • To create simple test cases and test suites that you can export later to RC or WebDriver.
  • To test a web application against Firefox and Chrome only.

Selenium RC:

  • To design a test using a more expressive language than Selenese
  • To run your test against different browsers (except HtmlUnit) on different operating systems.
  • To deploy your tests across multiple environments using Selenium Grid.
  • To test your application against a new browser that supports JavaScript.
  • To test web applications with complex AJAX-based scenarios.


  • To use a certain programming language in designing your test case.
  • To test applications that are rich in AJAX-based functionalities.
  • To execute tests on the HtmlUnit browser.
  • To create customized test results.

Selenium Grid:

  • To run your Selenium RC scripts in multiple browsers and operating systems simultaneously.
  • To run a huge test suite, that needs to complete in the soonest time possible.

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Learn Virtually Anything with Experts. Best way to learn latest technologies with real-time professionals.

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