Mobile first? Creating on big screens, consuming on little screens

Most content creation/editing is done on computers with BIG screens, even though so much of that content now is consumed on SMALL screens, says Clifford Levy, NYTimes.

  • Mobile forces you to think more about the user experience. Mobile users often have short amounts of time with your content, looking at it on the go or in line at Starbucks, for example. Presenter says: Think obsessively about mobile, the idea of consumption of your content when the user is on the go.
  • ‘Daily habituation.’ Give your users content at a particular time of day, when they want it. The Times’ highest mobile usage is 7 a.m. to 9 a.m., so they optimize their mobile offerings during that time period. People want to know what they missed overnight.
  • Brief, vertical videos? Brief (< 1 minute) and to-the-point news videos are mobile-friendly. Some day (soon), vertical video may be more accepted, says Nathalie Malinarich, BBC News.
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