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Project management apps for your Mac and iPhone

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As we’ve stated on the Web site (referring to Ganttis framework, of course):

We are very proud of our newest library: it provides really powerful Gantt chart software parts that Apple platform developers can easily integrate into their own Xcode projects.

And now we can add something brand-new for all the users too:

We’ve just released a couple of Gantt chart-based project scheduling apps — using Ganttis framework under the hood — as well:


Gantt chart editor for macOS

This is a classic document-based Gantt chart editor for macOS, allowing you (and anyone) to define and manage .project files with extreme ease: simply set up tasks, resources and assignments, drag to draw dependencies between items, and turn on auto-scheduling mode to get immediate results. Print the output or export it as a Microsoft Project XML file, and you’re done.

Moreover, you can fully customize the working and nonworking time for all tasks or for individual items, as needed. And configure the appearance (colors and miscellaneous other settings) without any limits, too.

Update (Oct-Nov 2020): Projectis 2.0 added support for highlighting critical tasks and leveling resources, turning the app into a true project management solution, and version 2.1 came with a new Dependencies inspector too.

Projectis app screenshots (full screen) — updated: version 2.1

Multiple project files can be edited at the same time, if needed, and all files are stored wherever the user places them — a feature that increases privacy to the max: if you don’t place your files into the cloud, they will be (obviously) only be stored locally on your Mac. The application doesn’t need and doesn’t use an Internet connection — it will never send data outside, itself.


for iOS and macOS

We’ve created this secondary app because we needed it ourselves too. Often, customers are asking us for fast, high-level project estimations, offering just a brief of specifications for what they need implemented, so we have to turn to paper (or too generic tools like Numbers or Excel) and to perform a lot of work to provide the required estimations (that both parties would be happy with.)

What was needed for us to compute these estimations was just a simple grid to set up tasks, their efforts, and whether they can run in parallel (with the ones above in the list) and an algorithm to automatically schedule work accordingly, defining the correct dependencies (based on parallelization information), and optionally increasing durations a bit to respect an internally assessed risk percent (for example due to our resources being partially involved in other projects too) without affecting the total cost of the project and ensuring we remain entirely fair to our customer.

While the app has been created with software development projects in mind, it can be used with any other types of projects too.

Given all the above, we’ve created this small app using two tab items — one to define what is known/envisioned, and one to present a Gantt chart and results. The estimation is not considered a long living project, so we haven’t (at least not yet) developed an export feature, but we do offer a Copy values context menu command for the results section shown in the second tab to have the estimation values copied to OS’s clipboard and from there to the app of your choice.

Note that the app doesn’t support multiple estimations at the same time (again due to the fact that we considered data to be highly ephemeral). When the end user wants to start over, with another project, he or she can use the Clear button (bin icon) on top-right.

Estimatis app screenshots (iPhone)

We hope these apps would help you at least as much as they do help us already, and of course, we’re eager to find out what features would you like us to develop for their next updates. Enjoy and thank you very much!



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