It’s time

Relative or absolute, carefully managed or simply passing by, milliseconds to millennia, time will always be one of the most important concepts for people to deal with.

On Macs and on iPhones, as enterprise managers or as self-employed, and in one region or another, people need to handle their time well to ensure things are and remain on the right track.

And you — dear developer — can really help them out, big time: you create apps to make people’ lives and jobs easier. And both theirs and yours, happier.

You’re not traveling alone, though. We’re developers too, and we’ll be glad to work with you all the way up — we love to help our customers just as much as you love to help yours. So, if you agree, let’s start. It’s time for revolution.

Ganttis framework demo — Gantt chart components for macOS and iOS development

Yes, Gantt charts; yes, beautiful interactive timelines. Full Swift 5 demo source code — for both macOS and iOS target apps — is available on GitHub.