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Row headers for your iOS Gantt charts

A feature that allows developers to turn Ganttis chart components into fully interactive “schedule charts” with ease

Hello, people! Do you need a nice drag and drop-enabled Gantt chart component capable of displaying multiple bars per row even on iOS, and even when running on a small screen such that of an iPhone?

Use DlhSoft’s Ganttis framework, of course. GanttChart component from GanttisTouch module, to be more precise.

But be sure to enable row headers, as well! They will help end users tremendously, as this way each row is clearly bound to a resource name, like in the screenshot above.

Note that when the end users scrolls horizontally, row headers table remains visible, and upon vertically scrolling the chart it scrolls down automatically too, to be kept in sync, of course.

Finally, do not worry; it’s so easy to set things up: just ensure you use an appropriate rowHeadersWidth value and define a rowHeaderProvider object that returns the labels to be shown, and — done:



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