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Alternatives to Turing: Engineer Platforms in 2022

As we already know, the demand for engineers has skyrocketed ever since the pandemic started. But in reality, the demand actually has been growing gradually since quite some time now. Since new technology is emerging every day, companies are finding themselves in serious competition, which is time-constrained. They have to come up with new tech every day in order to stay ahead in the game.

Because of this ongoing competition and everything online now, every company is looking for engineers. And everyone wants the best one.

Times of posting a job ad in the daily paper or on the billboards are gone. In this digital era, people hire remotely through hiring companies or websites. We have heard of turing, which has proven to be great for hiring engineers. But are there any alternatives to turing? Yes, plenty! There are many great alternatives to turing which have been gathered in this article today.

Go through all of them and choose the one that appears the most appealing to you!

Let’s Begin!

In our opinion, ever since joined the game, hiring top software engineers has become easier. They have been taking home the trophies for delivering the best! provides the best in the game, and if not satisfied with their match, they offer to match you with a new one for no new costs. The only condition here is to let them know within the 2 weeks of starting, and in return, all they ask for is a cup of coffee in return. Too good to be true? Nope, it’s very much true. As much as it sounds like a dream, it isn’t. Moreover, they always only take as long as 24 hours to match you with a software engineer that suits your needs best!

They do all the work for you. All you have to do is click the “hire” button on their page, and voila!


Fiverr is a platform that connects freelancers with employers. Fivver operates on an order-based system. All an employer has to do is specify the order details to a freelancer and let them list the price in return. You can go ahead with the freelancer you deem the best for your task. Although we suggest looking through multiple profiles before you go ahead with the first one that you come across. Freelancers on Fivver usually offer services that are one-off, small, and specific. For example, they’ll build a WordPress website, a simple Android app, etc.

On fivver, the freelancers are termed as “Seller.” They offer their services in three different price ranges, which depend upon the complexity of the task.


Flexiple is relatively small right now. But in this short time of period, they have managed to earn great reviews to vouch for their services. They have already served hundreds of customers, leaving most satisfied with their services. Flexiple offers expert vetting of developers. They have a rigorous screening process that tests the technical abilities of the developer as well as their soft skills.

Moreover, they have personalized matching through which the developers are explicitly handpicked to match your requirements. In addition to that, they offer a one-week free trial period which allows you to handpick the developer you deem best for your organization. is unlike other freelancing platforms. It is an invite-only, close-knit network that, according to them, consists of the top/elite class software developers only. How fany! is like those elite, invite-only, secret clubs that only the worthy get an invitation to. Or better, it’s like Hogwarts! Like flexiple, matches developers and companies through a recommendation process that is customized according to every company’s need. It relies on user relationships to handpick developers.


Upwork is not per-se a like-to-like alternative as it does not offer the luxury of screening of a developer. Although, if you have the time and resources to screen the developer yourself, Upwork can prove to be a great option. Upwork worlds on a bidding system. Since its vast platform, be prepared to receive a large number of applicants. The applicants will bid their lowest price on your offer. The low costs make Upwork a great option for short-term projects and one-off tasks. Because in such projects, low costs are prioritized over quality.

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is comparatively new and is currently offering free services. It is best for companies that prefer to hire independent freelancers and agencies. But yes, it does not ( probably as of yet) offer vetting services to assure the quality of the developers. Instead, it gives more emphasis to the use of software to match freelancers with projects.

Concluding Words

There are many other alternatives available in the market as well. However, we mentioned the ones that have proven to be even better or equally good as turing.




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