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Steps to take to hire the top 1% of global software engineers

Hiring remote employees can be a benefit to your startup by bringing in skills that are limited in your location. In turn, remote work helps employees by presenting the opportunity to take up the job they really want, without the need to transfer. But, appealing and maintaining remote workers brings its own set of trials. Find out how to rework your hiring process to hire remote employees, and how to efficiently manage and retain them.

How can your company appeal to remote employees?

Have a brand image!

If you are a good employer, chances are, word has already spread in and around your locality. However, if you are a new venture, then learn the tips and tricks of being a good employer and attract strong candidates from the get go.

If you are hiring remotely, then it is imperative that your brand has a strong online presence. You have to share more about your values as an enterprise and portray your culture a lot more effectively.

A remote employee is already looking for flexibility when working, so you have to give him/her the guidelines that are extremely clear so that there is no confusion. When communication breaks down it is the expectations that are hit the most — from either side — which makes it a whole lot more convoluted to clear up. It is best to be clear from the very first day of what needs to get done and by when.

It is even better if you can share insights with a new hire of a typical work day with his/her counterparts — if that is possible. Create a sense of belonging even through remote working. This makes for an overall comfortable way to work. Including employee testimonials, or how they manage their work remotely, will in effect bring forward a more cohesive work environment.

Show off your time together

If you have meet ups with your team members it is good to document these times through videos or photos. This way you show how inclusive your workforce is and the comfort level you have with each other.

How to maintain remote employees

The pay talks

It is not possible to retain employees at bad pays. If so, then get ready for extreme employee turnover, which affects your startup quite badly. A startup is more vulnerable to such turnovers, because they need employees to stick around more than any other established company. This is because a startup cannot afford disruptions early on in their life cycle.

Having said that, just because it has been stated that a good compensation package is something that retains employees, does not mean that they need to go beyond a certain budget. Therefore Gaper offers reasonably priced top 1% global software engineers that start from as low as $40 an hour. This is because they stretch the dollar beyond the confines of any particular location. One can take advantage of wage differentials and make it work for them.

If you are a good employer, chances are, word has already spread in and around your locality.

Ask them about benefits

Sometimes remote employees give up the luxury of benefits that other full time employees may get. It is a good gesture to ask remote employees what would they like regardless, and offer them some sort of benefits beyond their compensation to keep them motivated to stay with you.

Within reasonable boundaries, you can offer them fringe benefits that would otherwise cost you much more than if you hired full time employees in your office space.

It is good to strike a balance where the two only mutually gain from such an agreement.

(Read more: Top 15 Tips To Effectively Manage Remote Employees)

All in all, it should not be a challenge to hire and manage remote teams, while it is still important to know so, because the future of work is becoming more and more boundary less. And it is best for all to start taking advantage of a situation that is already fast becoming integral in several workplaces.




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