How to Make a Spring Bouquet: Little Bits and Flower Frogs

You don’t need dozens…

Melissa Gouty
Garden Glory


A “Little Bits” bouquet. Photo: Melissa Gouty

“Little Bits”

I was a preemie baby, jaundiced and scrawny. I’ve been petite all my life, and as I was putting this arrangement together, I remembered my Mother calling me “Little Bits” when I was very young.

The phrase, “Little Bits,” kept floating through mind. It doesn’t take dozens of huge blooms, after all, to make a bouquet, just “little bits.”

In the song, “Anatevka,” from the Broadway musical, “Fiddler on the Roof,” there’s a poignant line about Russian Jews who are being forced out of their homes. Golde, the main character's wife, notes that a home is made up of just “a little bit of this. A little bit of that.”

So is a bouquet!

My Springtime nod to “Little Bits”

A wild daisy growing by the back shed.

Two almost-done allium blooms.

Five chive flowers.

Three white lilac snippets.

Four slender heuchera blossoms.

Small, clipped leaf, end-of-branches from lilacs, and a couple of peach and lavender-toned irises.




Melissa Gouty
Garden Glory

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