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If You Were a Robin, Where Would You Build Your Nest?

Somewhere in a tree might be wise…

An errant’s robin’s nest on my potting bench. Photo: Melissa Gouty

The proper foundation for nest-building

If you’re a gardener or love working in the yard, chances are you’ve run across some errant bird nests.

Years ago, when I was a very young homemaker, I was horrified when one spring day I walked onto…




Garden Glory is for people who love to plant and putter around the yard. Ideas for landscaping, containers, growing plants and flowers, garden layout, and floral arrangements.

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Melissa Gouty

Melissa Gouty

Writer, teacher, speaker, and observer of human nature. Content for HVAC & Plumbing Businesses. Author of The Magic of Ordinary. LiteratureLust and GardenGlory.

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