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Garden Glory

A Legend of the White Lilac That You’ve Never Heard

An alternative to old Greek mythology

Photo by Yuliia Barabash on Unsplash

After the first lilacs bloom, lifting their lavender faces and flaunting their fragrance, our delicate white lilac bush shyly puts forth its blossoms. Our “white” is not as hearty as our others, but its scent is lighter and even more intoxicating.




Garden Glory is for people who love to plant and putter around the yard. Ideas for landscaping, containers, growing plants and flowers, garden layout, and floral arrangements.

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Melissa Gouty

Melissa Gouty

Writer, teacher, speaker, and observer of human nature. Content for HVAC & Plumbing Businesses. Author of The Magic of Ordinary. LiteratureLust and GardenGlory.

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