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A Garden Retreat

Gathering to celebrate what’s growing in the Garden

Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

When the Garden was in the planning stages, the idea was for women to gather in upstate New York to enjoy the space, the planned activities, and each other's company.

That first gathering, planned for the summer of 2020, almost happened. Instead, Spring 2020 came along and the rest is still recent history.

Like the rest of the world, we turned to zoom and began hosting online gatherings, starting with Books Club and Kitchen Table Talks. We added weekly Office Hours and a Happy Hour to our gatherings, and our community grew — faster than we imagined.

Gathering in online spaces will never replace getting together in person, but online we were able to include women from around the world, as far away as China, India, Finland, and Australia. This gave us an experience we didn’t expect — the opportunity to meet new people we might not have met otherwise and learn more about the world while hunkered down at home.

In a little over 18 months, our group has grown to more than 650 women from around the world, sharing wisdom and experiences in conversations, gatherings, and through courses they’ve created in the Garden.

To celebrate these women, the Garden of Neuro is hosting our first Virtual Retreat in October. Women in the Garden have created courses and are developing communities centered around topics like Poetry, Journaling, Memoir, and Fiction Writing, Needle Work, Walking, Treading through the Muddle of life’s highs and lows, or connecting to the cosmos through High Vibe Astrology, and they are ready to share their wisdom with you.

Plans are in the works! We’ll have more information available soon.

There is also talk of an in-person retreat later in the fall. Watch this space or join the Garden of Neuro Retreat Centers Circle for Garden Retreat news.

Join host Lisa Tomey as she welcomes guest author, Kika Man who will share her latest work Let the Mourning Come: Poems about grief and healing during the Poetry Book Club gathering on Wednesday, July 6th.

On Wednesday, July 20th, Alice Taylor CVACC will host the Kitchen Table Talk with the topic: Why is Sharing Our Truth So Difficult?

Office Hours happen weekly on Thursdays at 3:00 PM Eastern. Bring any questions or suggestions you have to this hour-long gathering.

Or come for Happy Hour at 3 PM Eastern on Fridays where we talk about the week's events, our weekend plans, and anything else. This is our hour to chat and laugh.

Spend some evenings writing in silence with other writers in the Garden. Or join the Prompt Writing event on Wednesdays and share the work you’ve created. Event times vary, visit Events in the Menu.

Did You Know? You can expand the view of events from a list to a calendar spread. Viewing Garden events this way can help you plan your day, week, and month at a glance! You can also download events to your calendar or subscribe to the Garden calendar for automatic updates.

Lisa Tomey has been busy! Her latest course, the Path to Publishing is on the verge of being available. Watch our social media @GardenofNeuro and @ProlificPulse for live announcements.

Lisa’s next course Publishing 101 is scheduled for release in September and will provide a deep dive into preparing a manuscript for publishing.

Registration for the next cohort Blogging for Success for Beginners is still open! Visit the Blogging for Success series of courses offered by Sandhya in the Garden of Neuro here.

Astrosonics University by Jennifer Gehl is about to open for registration! If you’re interested in learning about this course before it launches, visit Jennifer’s Astrosonics High Vibe Astrology Circle or join the monthly live gathering she hosts.

Treading Through the Muddle continues to be a Garden favorite. Your Muddle Guide, Shalu Bajaj Ahuja helps you find your way off the crowded dance floor and up onto the balcony where the clearer view helps you find what you are truly seeking.

“This course helped me see some things I wasn’t seeing — wasn’t even looking at — that were important for me to decide if I want to keep as a dancing partner or not. I really cleared the floor and started focusing on the important stuff. The best part is I can come back the course when I’m feeling in the Muddle, and Shalu is there to guide me through it.” ~ Nanci Arvizu

The One Mind Book Club finished Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta with a well-attended gathering and deep conversations into the book. Everyone agreed the Study Guides created by our own Lisa Bolin added another layer of introspection to the experience.

Next on the One Mind Book Club reading list is Braiding Sweet Grass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Garden of Neuro Publishing currently is accepting Anthology Submissions for a paperback publication about The Talk: Delicate Conversations by Families of Color, Please visit the Garden of Neuro website for submission guidelines.

Returning September 2022: Calls for Submissions for a Safe and Brave Space, Starting September 1 through 30 GNI Publishing will accept submissions for Volume 2 of A Safe and Brave Space, an anthology of Poetry and Art.

Purchase a Safe and Brave Space, an Anthology of Poetry and Art Volume 1 from BAGS, Books, Art & Gifts from the Garden boutique here.

Social Justice Inks is now available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon. This anthology of poetry is a collaborative project in partnership with Shuga Shuga Publishing, Prolific Pulse LLC, and Garden of Neuro Publishing and includes poetry from a global, inclusive audience who gathered on June 20th to read their work for a live, online audience.

Personal Essays, Poetry, Fiction, and more from Garden Sisters

Why Every Woman Needs a Garden of Neuro in Her Life by Anu Anniah

My Online Tribe by Karen Monteith

Plugs, Blocks, and Plateaus by Richa Dinesh Sharma

Vegetables by Alice Taylor CVACC

Running the Garden takes mental time, energy, planning, and that thing we hate to think about, money.

The Garden of Neuro Institute began as a seed of an idea and has grown into a sprouting membership of over 600 women since opening the Garden Gate in November 2021. As our membership increases, so too does the work and the expenses that go with creating, maintaining, and expanding this unique and special place.

Consider supporting the Garden of Neuro Institute through any one of the links provided below. Your contribution will help grow the Garden to the next level, where we begin to blossom.

This is a link that allows anyone to set up a monthly donation to the Garden, in any amount, but none higher than $99.00.

This is a Stripe Link that will allow for multiple methods of in-country payments to the Garden, up to $99.00.

Clicking here lets you make either a one-time donation to the Garden — OR — a recurring monthly donation!

Even the smallest monthly donations keep the lights on and the technology humming!



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