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A Kitchen Table Talk on Climate Change

Because the issue didn’t go away just because Biden was elected

Thanks to Unsplash

You didn’t think this issue was resolved did you?

The good news is — the fascist in chief was voted out of office.

The bad news is — while everyone got to take a deep breath of relief, this issue is still urgent.

Let’s take a look at a couple of State of the Planet reports:

And this one:

Now that I’ve sobered you up from your post election day celebrations, what should you do?

To start, for women only — come join our Kitchen Table Talks. In specific, we begin our first in a series of free discussions with women around the planet. June 3rd, at 10 AM Eastern — come join us. And then, stay around for the talks that follow. It is only when we stand in inquiry, side by side, that we come to common ground to see with clarity a way forward.

I hope you’ll join us.

Susan B. is a founder, entrepreneur, writer, editor, poet and ship captain. Come find her in the Garden.



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Susan Brearley

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