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April 18, 2022

Photo by Mark Olsen on Unsplash

This week we have exciting things to announce!

As the Garden grows we understand the need to recognize and thank those who have planted seeds and continue to nurture those who venture into their spaces. This special announcement marks the beginning of many more to come!

2022 Garden of Neuro Institute Poet Laureate

Poet and Publisher Lisa Tomey of Prolific Pulse brought her passion for poetry to the Garden in February 2021. Through her professional and gentle guidance, the first Garden Of Neuro Publishing project was a success. A Safe and Brave Space, an Anthology of Poetry and Art brought the words of women from around the world together in this beautiful expression of creativity, inclusion and love.

Office Hours happen weekly on Thursdays at 3:00 PM Eastern. Bring any questions or suggestions you have to this hour-long gathering.

Or come for Happy Hour at 3PM Eastern on Fridays where we talk about the week's events, our weekend plans, and anything else. This is our hour to chat and laugh. BYOB!

Spend some evenings writing in silence with other writers in the Garden. Or join the Prompt Writing event on Wednesdays and share the work you’ve created. Event times vary, visit Events in the Menu.

Did You Know? You can expand the view of events from a list to a calendar spread. Viewing Garden events this way can help you plan your day, week, and month at a glance! You can also download events to your calendar or subscribe to the Garden calendar for automatic updates.

Blogging For Success

Instructor Sandhya Ranganathan shares the successes of the first cohort in her Blogging For Success, Beginners course ~

I’m tremendously excited to share with you that the First Cohort of the Blogging for Success Course has now graduated with flying blogs. You can see their beautiful faces in the picture, and I request everyone to follow their freshly minted and fabulous blogs:

Reena Bhatnagar: Reena From Oz

Priya R : Priya’s Randomly Accessed Memory

Savita T : Blossoming Beyond Boundaries

I need say no more. The proof is in the reading. I will now hereby cease mangling metaphors. For I am an honourable woman. Here’s what they say:

“I would like to acknowledge Sandhya Ranganathan and the Garden of Neuro ‘Blogging for Success’ course. Thanks, Priya for your encouragement.” — Reena Bhatnagar

“Thanks to Sandhya’s Blogging for Success Course with the Garden of Neuro, I got the push I needed to make this happen.” — Priya R

“Finally, my first blog’s up! Thanks, Sandhya for pushing me to make it happen with your Blogging for Success Course!” — Savita Thakur

Registration for the next cohort is still open! Start Blogging for Success with Sandhya and share your story with the world. Visit the Blogging for Success series of courses offered by Sandhya in the Garden of Neuro here.

Visit Sandhya’s Blog, Between the T(r)opics here to read the full story!

Garden of Neuro Publishing has several open Calls for Submissions that will remain open until we reach a maximum number of submissions. Please visit the Garden of Neuro website for submission guidelines.

Current Calls for Submissions include The Talk, Conversations Between Mothers and Sons of Color, The Women Who Influenced Us, and Humor.

Returning September 2022: Calls for Submissions for a Safe and Brave Space, Volume 2. Purchase a Safe and Brave Space, an Anthology of Poetry and Art Volume 1 from BAGS, Books, Art & Gifts from the Garden boutique here.

Supporting the Garden

Running the Garden takes mental time, energy, planning, and that thing we hate to think about, money.

The Garden of Neuro Institute began as a seed of an idea and has grown into a sprouting membership of nearly 600 women since opening the Garden Gate in November 2021. As our membership increases, so too does the work and the expenses that go with creating, maintaining, and expanding this unique and special place.

Consider supporting the Garden of Neuro Institute through any one of the links provided below. Your contribution will help grow the Garden to the next level, where we begin to blossom.

This is a link that allows anyone to set up a monthly donation to the Garden, in any amount, but none higher than $99.00.

This is a Stripe Link that will allow for multiple methods of in-country payments to the Garden, up to $99.00.

Clicking here lets you make either a one-time donation to the Garden — OR — a recurring monthly donation!

Even the smallest monthly donations keep the lights on and the technology humming!



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