Ode to My Derriere

A Little Self Love Goes a Long Way

Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld
Garden of Neuro
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2 min readApr 7, 2022

This poem is written as a response to the Wednesday Poetry Prompt which Lisa Bolin posts in the Garden of Neuro Poetry Circle each week. This one was posted on April 6 and this is my poem in dedication to honoring my body. It’s a big deal for me to get to the point of finding humor and love about my body. This poem is a step in the healing direction. I am grateful to Lisa Bolin for posting this. Here goes:

© Lisa Tomey

Ode to My Derriere

As I spend so much time on you
It’s only fit to brag, so true
As you are my true seat
Your padding is so sweet

You always, surely have my back
Without you I would slouch and slack
You are always right there
My dearest derriere

When I get up you follow me
I’m happy when you help me wee
On the throne I would slouch
You always help me out

I promise, dear to clothe you well
Even when you may sometimes swell
I’ll keep you from the cold
Your comfort is my role

As I get older and turn gray
I promise you I’ll never stray
You’re with me through the end
Forever you’re my friend

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