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Poetic Growth in the Garden

Beauty comes in many forms

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

If there is one thing I think brings the women in the Garden together, it is our love of writing.

In the mix with Book Clubs, Kitchen Table Talks, and the various gatherings we hold to work on our collaborative projects, Poetry has brought the most excitement to our space.

When Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld joined us in the Garden, she brought her love of poetry with her. Her daily poetry prompts motivated those who had not previously given poetry a serious try, myself included. And with Lisa’s gentle guidance and expertise in poetry, publishing, and hosting live online events, this patch of poetic flowers has bloomed prolifically in the Garden of Neuro.

Lisa has been instrumental in the formation of Garden of Neuro Publishing. Her knowledge of the industry and her willingness to share her wisdom made our first, and now second, anthology projects wonderful successes. All while running her own publishing and promotion company Prolific Pulse, LLC.

Because of her consistent work of sharing her love of poetry, in 2022, Lisa was named the Garden of Neuro Institute’s first Poet Laureate. Since then, she has created two courses in the Garden, sharing her wisdom in Poetry 101 and Path to Publishing. Each class offers steps for those who are getting to know either subject and are wanting interesting information that will help make the process more fun, and doable.

In live online events, Lisa has provided wonderful poetry prompts with supporting videos about the history, art, and perspectives of poetry. Her workshops are a mix — part sensory immersion, part emotional awakening, and part master class, with time to write and share.

The first Wednesday of the month has been Poetry Book Club day for over a year now. In these gatherings, Lisa has hosted women poets, each with stories to share, poems to read, and a voice to be heard. Hearing the words of the writer, the emotion, the infliction, the rise and fall of trembling, simmering, or raging tones, gives way to inspiration of all kinds; to take a walk, to be kind, to be aware, to look in the mirror once in a while. To listen, to each other, to the world around us, and to our hearts.

November is busy in the Garden! Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld is hosting NaNo/NaPoWriMo to support the creatives who prefer 50,000 words of poetry and prose to share their stories than ones of twists and plots. As if poetry can’t be plotted and twisted too?

Visit Events in the Garden Menu for other hosted and non-hosted write-in gatherings in November.

What’s in a Name by Lisa Bolin

About Me by @Lauren Salkin

Haiku Diary by Nanci Arvizu Inspired by Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Rebecca A. Barrett

Running the Garden takes mental time, energy, planning, and the support of a strong, dedicated community.

The Garden of Neuro Institute began as a seed of an idea and has grown into a sprouting membership of nearly 800 women since opening the Garden Gate in November 2020. As our membership increases, so too does the work and the expenses that go with creating, maintaining, and expanding this unique and special place.

Consider supporting the Garden of Neuro Institute using this link. We thank you for your one-time or monthly support. Your contribution will help grow the Garden to the next level, where we begin to blossom.

Even the smallest donations keep the bees buzzing!



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