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Spring Has Arrived

March in the Garden has been one of massive growth

Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

Invitations to the Garden are increasing as women discover the difference of a nurturing space, focused on supporting women as they pursue their passions. These invitations are coming from those who have engaged in what the Garden was designed to do: Support Women as they become who they are born to be.

The results are evident in the increase in our live gathering attendance. In the last two weeks alone we’ve seen more women at events than we’ve seen since we opened the Garden gate in November 2020.

Why are women gathering in the Garden of Neuro? Because it was designed this way, to attract women who are seeking something different, something new. Because the old way isn’t working. Because they know they have a gift to share and they are ready to create a way to share them.

In the Garden, this path is lined with other women who have the answers creative women needs as they turn dreams into reality. The Garden is here to help women reach their goals faster and easier with nurturing support every step of the way.


There are two new circles just getting started this week — one is “Gardening — Making Our Souls Bloom.” It just seemed to make sense to have a circle that talked about real physical gardening!

The other circle is “Needle & Hook, Fabric, Wool or Thread” for those who are interested in taking a deeper dive into the healing and practical aspects of working with these fiber arts. Thanks go to. Karen Monteith for being the inspiration behind the start of these two circles. These are topics with a HUGE outside audience outside the Garden of Neuro, so this is a great opportunity for inviting other women to join us.


Poetry 101 launches Tuesday, March 22 with the first of four live gatherings with host Lisa Tomey. This class is for every poet, beginner or seasoned to learn or expand their knowledge of writing poetry. Graduates will have the opportunity to read their work for a live online graduation ceremony.

Treading Through the Muddle with Shalu Bajaj Ahuja offering clarity to the many brilliant and soulful women who are facing the muddle and doubting themselves. The Hope? That our relationship with family, team, and community could be changed for the much, much better by our approach to tread through the muddle.

March 21–27

Book Club Gathering Wednesday, March 13: Open Table. Bring what you are reading to share a hear what others are reading. Find your next book to read here!

Office Hour, Thursdays, 3 PM Eastern. This is the place to ask your questions about the Garden, why are we here, how do we navigate the technology, and what is here for you!

Happy Hour, Fridays 3 PM Eastern. Join Garden Sisters for this open space and be a part of the kick-backed and sometimes deep conversations as we wind down the week together. Bring a snack and beverage of your choice!


The One Mind Book Club meets twice on March 27th to cover two times zones. Check events to see if you can make one or the other — or both — in this third focused discussion about Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

March’s Kitchen Table Talk brought so much emotion to the table as we discussed Death and Dying. Each one of these guided conversations allows participants the time to listen and share their perspectives and experiences of the topic. Join us on April 13th as we discuss Life in the Time of Covid.

The March gathering of High-Vibe Astrology with Jennifer Gehl was another energy-packed hour. Guided by Jennifer’s beautiful words, participants enjoyed positive intentions designed to connect us with our highest vibrations while experiencing the magical music of Tibetan bowls. RSVP for April 17th now.

The Garden of Neuro is continuing to develop our calls for submissions. We are currently holding open submissions on the following topics. Women writers, poets, and artists are welcome to submit their work according to our guidelines at

A Safe and Brave Space, an Anthology of Poetry and Art is the first project completed by women in the Garden of Neuro. This project was conceived, planned, and nourished to completion within a matter of months, with all submissions being created and collected in a 30-day period. Bringing this collection of work, created by many hands and voices is just one of the ways the Garden of Neuro helps women publish their work and share their stories. Every purchase of A Safe and Brave Space for BAGS, Books and Arts, Gifts from the Garden, the Garden’s private online bookstore, supports the Garden — and the women who support the Garden.



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