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The Best Part of Summer

Being Lazy

Photo by Laura Pratt on Unsplash

Let’s be real. Summertime is all about not being winter, not being in school, and not being controlled by an alarm clock.

In the Garden, Summertime is about collecting up the last of the spring harvest and preparing for the fall season. So even though we’re taking time to put our toes in the sand, we’re still collaborating and creating in this space of exploration and growth.

July is busy! We’re out enjoying the weather, traveling again, and seeing people we haven’t seen in a while so live Garden events are being rescheduled to accommodate our hosts and their summer plans. Please visit Events in the Garden Menu, or inside the specific Circle or Course.

Please note — event links take you ‘inside the Garden’ or to the Garden Gate to join the Garden. It just takes a minute! And — this space is for the Ladies Only! Gentlemen, please pass along this newsletter to the creative women in your life! 🙏

August 8th, A Guided Meditation with Victoria Juster. Join Victoria for a 30-minute guided body-scan meditation.

Book Club will take a break from the weekly Wednesday gatherings. Check the Book Club Circle for upcoming events including the One Mind Book Club which is currently reading Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Poetry Book Club is planning to meet on Wednesday, August 3rd. If you’ve joined the Book Club Circle you’ll see announcements for Poetry Book Club gatherings here too.

Office and Happy Hours is also changing to a couple of gatherings a month, we’re working on a schedule we hope will provide the opportunity for more members to join us.

Evening silent and prompt writing spaces are occasionally non-hosted and open for those who find the accountability and time helpful to work on their writing projects.

Events are listed in the main Garden Menu — and in individual Circles and Courses. Change the view to Calendar to see a whole month at a glance and sync events to your calendar.

Astrosonics YOUniversity Course

New Courses in the Garden!

Astrosonics YOUniversity: Bringing Astrology to Life through the Principles of Harmony

Have you always wanted to learn astrology? This course is designed for beginners in a way that they can physically experience with vibration, intuitively feel with emotions, and intellectually understand as they apply lessons to daily life.

YOUniversity means you are at the center of everything you already know. This course will draw it forth through the language of astrology and the power of sound and vibration to activate YOUR innate wisdom.

Curious about Astrosonics? Join Jennifer’s High Vibe Astrology Circle and feel what all the energy is about.

Go here for Bringing Astrology to Life Through Principles of Harmony Course.

Poetry 101 offered by 2022 GNI Poet Laureate Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld is now an open enrollment course. Start anytime and go at your own pace to start your journey into creating poetry.

On Medium —

Sunset From Our Bed by Sylvia Clare MSc. Psychol

Psst … I Have A Secret by Alice Taylor CVACC

May I? by Lisa Tomey

On Blogs —

Mother & Child by Victoria Juster

Saturn and Sedna: Masculine and Feminine Perspectives on Time by Jennifer Gehl.

On Podcasts —

The Garden Variety is also published on Substack. Substack has a podcasting feature we are experimenting with — a whole ONE episode so far — and many possibilities on the horizon. Listen to the first Garden Variety podcast here with host, yours truly, Nanci Arvizu.

The Garden of Neuro Institute began as a seed of an idea and has grown into a sprouting membership of over 600 women since opening the Garden Gate in November 2021. As our membership increases, so too does the work and the expenses that go with creating, maintaining, and expanding this unique and special place.

Consider supporting the Garden of Neuro Institute through any one of the links provided below. Your contribution will help grow the Garden to the next level, where we begin to blossom.

This is a link that allows anyone to set up a monthly donation to the Garden, in any amount, but none higher than $99.00.

This is a Stripe Link that will allow for multiple methods of in-country payments to the Garden, up to $99.00.

Clicking here lets you make either a one-time donation to the Garden — OR — a recurring monthly donation!

Even the smallest monthly donations keep the lights on and the technology humming!




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