Why Garden Shed…

Back in 2016, thanks to the inspiration of some friends who formed the startup Biosensorix in Singapore, I came to realise that I’d also like to do the same, and start a company.
Knowledge I had gained on sites like Medium, podcasts like Art of Charm and Freakonomics, and from reading books like Originals, Rework and the $100 startup would suggest such a possibility was not beyond my reach, I might be able to earn a few extra bucks while doing something that I enjoy.
During my research work in the last decade, I have realised that I am a good practical scientist to make some advanced nanomaterials and have plenty of ideas. From recent job hunting experiences, it is also clear there is a market for them. Whether I can open up such a market however, I will see from the experiences I gain on my journey. If anything is for sure, it is that I will learn a lot of useful skills.

Jan 2017, Suffolk, UK

So, why exactly is it called Garden Shed Bionanotech?

  1. While mulling over the idea of starting my own company, I felt that the effort and space to make a mimimal viable product was small compared to a traditional scientific/technical company (more on that in a future post). Thoughts of the Garden Shed found in my parents garden (as shown) came to mind as an ideal work environment.
  2. As an update to this post (almost a year after first publication), a work colleague is actually able to do much of his work in an actual garden shed, so not such a ridiculous idea. In fact the company came about through two co-founders doing initial work in a kitchen. Similar work efforts may be common elsewhere.
  3. It will be a unique and probably well-remembered company name, and I like the sound of the acronym ‘GSB’.
  4. I like the comparison between what the a GSB company would do for the nanotech/diagnostics industry compared to the tools that are found in a garden shed and what they do for house maintenance. The idea was inspired by my former research supervisor at Liverpool who advertising his nanomaterials as a toolbox. That idea was shared to his audiance (a conference presentation) where I first met him, and the idea has kind of stuck since.
  5. I love LEGO.