My Weekend Self-Care Routine.

I am sad.

I have been for the whole week.

After being sexually harassed in a public space with no one coming to my aid, I found out that someone billed my credit card. After hours at the bank trying to sort the issue, I still don’t know whether I am going to have to pay for someone’s LC Waikiki shopping spree. Yes, the said person went shopping and even returned some of the items they bought the next day!

So after a whole week of trying to numb my feelings with work and sleep, I am in my room. I now have to deal with all the emotions that I have been trying to repress all week. I have a whole weekend coming with no plans to look forward to.

To clarify on something, on a regular Friday this is what my ideal weekend looks like. As an ENFP, after a long week of interacting with people I love to spend time alone thinking, writing, singing, procrastinating, resetting. I normally need this time to clarify my thoughts and plan for a new week.

However, it’s different today. I want to spend time alone but I do not want to mope around and dwell on the shit that hit the fan this week. So I have decided to go on a weekend long self care process.

I will list the things I will do here for anyone who may be going through a similar experience and needs some ideas on what to do.

  1. I will read a book.

Reading gives me a form of escape from reality. I plan to re-read “Black Milk” by Elif Shafak and “ I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou.

2. I will pamper myself.

Normally when I feel shitty I wake up early, organize my room and dress up. Dressing up makes me feel like I have control over at least one thing. However,this is not always the case as sometimes I do not even have the energy to get up. However, I plan to dress up and give myself a well-needed pedicure.

3.I will listen to Beyoncé ad nauseum.

I find Beyoncé’s music quite therapeutic because she always has a song for whatever mood I am in. Therefore, I plan on karaokeing my weekend away to Queen B.

4. I will start journaling.

I started journaling this year and it was quite , again, therapeutic. After pouring myself into my journal, I misplaced it. Remember that time Professor McGonagall wanted to get into the Ravenclaw tower and the password was the answer to the question, “ Where do vanished objects go?” Well she wisely (duh!) answered, “Into non-being, which is to say, everything.” At this point I hope my journal vanished into non being because I do not fancy the idea of someone reading my reflections.

Anyway, this week I discovered an amazing YouTuber Jordan Clark who has re sparked my interest into journaling albeit with a more creative focus and I plan on starting out this weekend. I also plan on digging out a journal my bestie Hope gave me a few years ago just to reflect on my life.

5. I will do some kind stuff for my friends.

I have amazing friends who really came through when I need them this week. One of my friends even made me a burger at night and came over to my place just to make me feel better. I am so grateful for my friends and I would love to let them know that this weekend.

Here’s to a fulfilled weekend!

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