Who are you?

Who are you without your social media accounts? Without your numerous followers. Without the rush you get from retweets, likes and favorites.

Who are you without your religion? Without the numerous voices telling you what not to do and how not to end up in eternal hell fire. Without the judging eyes and the condemning verses. Without your internalized guilt.

Who are you without your job?When you’re not pandering to your boss. When you’re not working on a project after the next, working towards a raise.

Who are you without all the titles you have earned? Without all the awards and accolades.

Who are you without your partner? When you’re not texting or talking to them. When you’re not trying to live up to their expectations of your flawed self.

Who are you when you are all alone and away from all the noise? No phone, no TV, no music; just you and silence.When you are away from everyone’s expectations. What do you think about? Are you happy? Do you like this you? If you do, do you tell this to yourself enough? If you don’t, are you doing anything to change it?

“Look inside yourself;
everything that you want, 
you are already that.” _Jalaluddin Rumi.