How to set up GarticBOT — The Ultimate Tutorial for Configuring GarticBOT

Eduardo Moura
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4 min readNov 23, 2021

As a Discord server owner, you want nothing more but to keep your members engaged in it, right? Everyone knows that only text and voice channels won't keep your server's members interacting for so long. But not if you have GarticBOT added to your server.

Keeping your members interacting actively on your server has never been so easy. GarticBOT does the hard work for you! You just need to set it up. Don't worry, I'll show you how simple it is to do so!

Part one (Inviting the bot):

- The first thing you need to do is access our website:

Start reading the website to get familiar with the bot's functionalities.

- Once you are in, click on the "Add into my server" button. You'll be redirected to a page like in GIF 1.

- Select a server, click on continue, then authorize all the permissions.

Done! Now GarticBOT is on your server.


Part 2 (configuring the bot):

Now you are ready to start configuring GarticBOT. Simply create a channel for the bot. I’d suggest that you type “Gartic” in the channel’s name, so your members can easily find it.

In the channel’s settings — click on the engine symbol right next to it — go to the “Permissions” section.

In the “Roles/Members” section, add the GarticBOT role. If you can’t find it in the list, search by typing. Once you’ve added the role, enable the following “General Channel Permissions:” (see Gif 2)

- View Channel;

- Send Messages;

- Embed Links;

- Attach Files;

- Add Reactions.


Everything is now set! Go back to the channel and type g.gartic. Your game will start right away. Once the bot shows you a drawing, start typing your guesses. You don’t need to use a command to guess, for the bot will recognize the correct answer automatically (see Gif 3).


Part 3 (GarticBOT’s commands and the GarticMod role):

Common members can only use a few bot commands. For instance, if no one guesses the round’s drawing, any member can restart the game with “g.restart.”

Only Admins and people with kick permissions can use all the commands. However, we have created a simple solution for it: the GarticMod role. People with the role can also use all the commands. For setting it up, just create a role with this exact spelling: GarticMod. No special permissions are required. Once you’ve created the role, give it to any member you want.

As you’ve probably noticed, the bot prefix is “g.” It is not possible to change the bot’s prefix! Here is the list of the GarticBOT commands and their respective functions:

- g.gartic: Starts the general theme in the channel (for other themes, please read the next part);

- g.end: Finishes the bot’s action in the channel;

- g.restart: Restarts the round in the channel (this is the only command anyone can use);

- g.skip: Skips the round’s drawing (only 4 per round);

- g.hint: Shows a hint of the answer (only 4 per round);

- g.drawing: Shows the round’s drawing once again in the channel;

- g.record: Shows the channel’s record.

Part 4 (GarticBOT themes)

By now, you can effortlessly play with GarticBOT! You might want to change the theme, though. Just use the following syntax:

g.gartic [theme]

(brackets are only used to inform you that the argument is optional)

For example, if you want the Animals theme, type:

g.gartic animals

For general theme, type only g.gartic.

Here is the list of the available themes for GarticBOT:

- g.gartic animals

- g.gartic foods

- g.gartic flags

- g.gartic cartoons

- g.gartic movies

-g.gartic objects

- g.gartic pokemon (no accents)

- g.gartic verbs

You may create a channel for each specific theme. If you’ve separated just one channel, remember to end the theme with g.end before initializing another theme.

It’s all set. Invite your members and have fun! If you have any other questions, please join our official Discord server, or leave a comment: