Anna Albright, CRLS High School Student, calls the stakeholders on stage in a moving and spontaneous closing to thank them for working to protect her generation’s future.

VIDEOS: Gas Leaks Summit

Gas Leaks Allies
Oct 15, 2017 · 1 min read

Five videos capture the entire Common Goals, Uncommon Partners: Seeking Solutions for Methane Emissions event at MIT Sloan October 3, 2017.

Moderator: Leith Sharp, Harvard Center for Health & Global Environment


  • Rev. Mariama White-Hammond, Associate Minister for Ecological Justice, Bethel AME Church
  • Jessica Garrett, Mothers Out Front

Context: History, Problem, and Search for Solutions

  • Gas leaks infrastructure history, condition: Steven Bryant, Columbia Gas & Audrey Schulman, HEET
  • Gas leaks legislation and regulation: Representative Lori Ehrlich
  • New research on high volume leaks: Dr. Margaret Cherne-Hendrick
  • Our unusual coalition: William Akley, Eversource & Zeyneb Magavi, Mothers Out Front

The Study: Purpose and Process

  • Purpose: Marcy Reed, National Grid & Debbie New, Mothers Out Front
  • Process and methods of identifying leaks and measuring methane: Audrey Schulman, HEET

Panel: Implementation and Impacts
Moderator: Jason Jay, MIT Sloan School, Sustainability Initiative

  • The Results of the Large Volume Leak Study, Zeyneb Magavi, Lead Researcher
  • Panel of Dan Cote, NiSource; John Stavrakas, National Grid; Kevin Kelly, Eversource

Closing of Morning Session

  • Attorney General Maura Healey
  • Anna Albright, Youth speaker

Thank you to MIT video services and all our generous funders for making these recordings possible.

Gas Leaks Allies

A MA coalition seeking solutions to gas leaks and methane emissions.

Gas Leaks Allies

Written by

Gas Leaks Allies

A MA coalition seeking solutions to gas leaks and methane emissions.

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