Reporting on your revenue with Stripe just got a whole lot easier

Introducing Stripe; with Gasket

Gasket is the fastest and easiest way to get the data of all your SaaS apps into a Google Sheets. If you haven’t heard about Gasket yet you should check out our introduction post. It provides a really good insight on what Gasket can do for you: Check it out here!

In Stripe’s own words; “Stripe is the best software platform for running an internet business“. In this case, Stripe deserves the best platform for creating reports.

We’ve seen it countless times. You want to create a report for your monthly or yearly earnings from Stripe. You want to match that data up with Salesforce, Marketo, or see which subscribers from Mailchimp are paying what amount. Gasket makes this effortless.

Reports like the following, which shows the payments from your clients together with their email addresses and email open rates (in case your client also signed up for your mailing list) is now.

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