The story about Gastronom

A foodie and pitmaster shaping the next layer of food experience launching early 2019.

Pierre Orsander
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2 min readOct 8, 2018


Visit for more information about the upcoming experience for foodies.

Why another app on the market?

Food is one of the most shared content on social media today. With almost 300 million photos posted on the hashtag #food on Instagram says it all.

With the love for food, experiences like Vivino and Untapped have become very popular the last couple of years for foodies, and basically everyone. However, there is still an experience for food to be explored.

Enter, Gastronom. A new experience that adds a digital layer on top of your food experiences.

Gastronom lets you check in food you have eaten, and what you thought of it. Get inspiration from other where too eat, and what they dishes from restaurants menu they recommend.

And why even stop there? Gastronom also lets you see nearby food events, meet-ups and experiences where you can get together with other foodies that share the same passion for food as you.

Because lets be honest, its more fun to eat with others that also spend more time on depicting the food and share their experience than actually eating it, and while they do, enjoy it like no other.

All of this packaged in a beautifully crafted app that will be launched early 2019, with a first closed preview for foodies, bloggers and food writers to get feedback on what to make the experience the best they can imagine.



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