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2,000 USD Shopping Spree for hot NFTs!

To encourage public testing of our next-gen, multichain marketplace Minted Vodka v2 , we are going to buy hot NFTs listed on the platform on a regular basis.

The first shopping spree is going to happen on Friday 14th. Up to 2,000 USD (GATe) will be spent. If you have some cool NFTs that you would like to sell, please list your NFTs before Friday 14th.

We already have strong confidence that the platform works well with our own GAT Network NFTs, so the shopping spree will be heavily weighted towards other non-GAT Network NFT collections. Please try to list a range of different collections to have the best chance in being chosen in the shopping spree! You can request collections to be added as trusted collections on Minted Vodka via this link:

Make sure to create deals with GATe on the ask side of the deal and to list your deal at the v2 version of Minted Vodka

NFTs on BSC and Polygon can be listed. Further chains like Ethereum will be available soon.

If you have questions just join our TG community and find support there

If you happen to have a Twitter account, you could also tweet your deal with the #MintedVodkaShopping tag, to make it easier for us to find the participating deals (please tag the creator of the NFT in your tweet, we would love to know more about them!).

The GAT Network team wants to build it’s own in-house NFT collection and run regular shopping sprees! We are looking for different collections across all supported chains and see our collection to be broad and versatile. Looking forward to see your favorite collections and pieces!


These are the NFTs bought during the Shopping Spree!

Make sure to list more interesting NFTs here and create deals with GATe on the ask side to be eligible — we are going on another Shopping Spree soon!

Upcoming features on Minted Vodka:

If you can vote for us until January 17th or just share the post it’s very much appreciated

Voting Tutorial:



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