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Alchemy Toys: Estimation of Toys cost

Since some people would like to calculate the cost for creating Toys, we have some input on that for you.

It might for example be helpful finding a fair price on the marketplace (buy or sell).
This is only about the creating cost. Keep in mind that there are more indicators to evaluate the value of a Toy: Such as serial number, level, rarity. There is a whole Blogpost on that subject. Finding a good price for buying/ selling Toys these factors should be taken into account as well.

Here is a small table that will help you to estimate how much it costs to create a Toy of a certain level. It shows you the cost without gas fees.
Since the turn fees adapt themselves dynamically to the average gas price, the cost is expressed in turn fees instead of BNB:

Since you might get free cards when melting two Toys that have not been melted before in the same epoch (=new recipe), we must deduct the value/cost of that free Toy in order to get the real value of a Toy.

The first column shows you the cost in turn fees if you were unlucky enough to get no free cards at all.
The next column shows you the cost if every melt gave you an additional free card.

Since the truth will be somewhere in between, the last column is the average.

So, how to use the table to estimate the costs to create a certain card?

Let’s take the Dragonslayer (“Slayer”) as example:

  1. Average total fees = 80 turn fees. With the current turn fee of 0.0075 BNB/turn, this equals to 80 * 0.0075 BNB = 0.6 BNB.
  2. Cost of gas +25%. = 0.6BNB * 1.25 = 0.75 BNB.

So your Dragonslayer will cost you about 0.75 BNB.

The Godhood Token

You might be wondering about the Godhood Token. It’s calculation is a little different, since you have to sacrifice all 127 Toys types you created. But the net cost of the Godhood Token is indeed currently 2.019975 BNB (sacrifice gas fees not included!).

You usually spend a little more to win, since there is randomness in melting and praying that gives you Toys that you already have for your enlightenment.

However, you keep those duplicate Toys and can use them for the next enlightenment.

So, the NET cost to win the game is, indeed, somewhere between 2.5 and 2.8 BNB (including the sacrifice gas fees).

You can play Alchemy Toys here — make sure you read the description first



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