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AlchemyToys to become a long-term funded “Casual P2E” game.

Dear Community,

As it has been mentioned during our Community Hour this week, there is a major update by GAT Network regarding AlchemyToys.

We are working to re-launch AlchemyToys (AT) as a massive casual on-chain P2E game (that is extremely cheap to play, but offers great relative rewards). $50K of funds will subsidize the P2E gameplay for 1–2 years and create continuous traction/growth. Let me explain…

Challenges of AlchemyToys and all P2E games

AlchemyToys ( is a turn-based fully on-chain board game. Every player has a limited amount of turns that can be done in a day. Every turn costs a turn fee that is collected in a game treasury and is distributed to the winner(s) at the end of a game epoch. This is an internal funding of AT’s P2E dynamics. AT has two challenges right now:

  1. any P2E game requires external funding in the long term — purely internal strategic game balances are an unrealistic utopia
  2. currently a turn on BNB chain can cost $5-$8 due to higher transaction fees — thus the game is only played by more wealthy players

Affordable + Attractive P2E

To make the game more affordable, we have decided to launch a parallel improved version of the game on a separate EVM chain: Callisto.

Callisto has much cheaper transaction costs — allowing 100x cheaper turn fees and making the game affordable to many more casual players.
A turn fee of ~$0.05 means that a smaller game treasury is still highly attractive.

We plan to introduce an external P2E funding — placing ~$500 worth of tokens into the game treasury each week. $50K funds would be sufficient for 100 weeks (~2years). Theoretically a game epoch could be won with ~$50 by a completely new player. So the perceived relative rewards are very attractive.

Thus, instead of relying purely on internal P2E funding through turn fees, we add a long-term external funding. This will help the game to reach higher traction and more stable game balances; and gradually attract more casual players.

Why Play?

  1. Relative rewards are very high compared to gameplay costs.
  2. No pressure to play, can be more “casual”.
  3. Long-term guarantee of funding/rewards gives TOYs long-term intrinsic value.
  4. Low turn fees open the game to many more players, leading to healthier growth, word-of-mouth sharing and game dynamics.
  5. All your level 1–7 TOYs on BNB Chain will be airdropped to Callisto — you can play on both chains with two identical sets of TOYs.

Traction Strategy

In this regard we are focusing on building traction of AT gameplay as a key strategy to increase overall GAT Network interest. More user interaction with AT will lead to more trading on MV, and attract users to other areas of GAT Network as well.

This “Traction First” approach requires us to rethink our current roadmap to accommodate the things necessary for the AT re-launch. In the coming days the official roadmap will be adjusted, keeping in mind our objectives and resources.

We are also exploring mechanics to launch this casual AT game on other affordable chains in the future. At the same time we would like to increase game dynamics between chains (e.g. bridgeable TOYs, etc.) to prevent chain silos. The future is multichain and so shall be on-chain gaming.

Casual P2E — a new genre?

We see it as a potential new genre: the “CASUAL P2E” game (C-P2E 🤔😅 ?), that:
a. does not require continuous engagement (idleness can be beneficial through TOY holding & trading),
b. has its game logic fully on-chain ,
b. is very affordable, but
c. still highly lucrative to play

We think that gaming on-chain shall become more mainstream+fun and less reserved to speculators and elites. At the same time, it shall remain as decentralized as possible to remain fair for all — meaning that the logic shall be guaranteed by being fully on-chain.

P2E games are taken too seriously, because there is so much money involved. Players invest too much and understandably expect astronomical rewards in return. This is stressful and unsustainable!

Let us take a step back and reduce the stakes, the risk and the stress. Let us allow the players to relax, avoid short-term FOMO and enjoy the games instead :-)

Please share your ideas and feedback on our Discord(#ideas) or Telegram channels!



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