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> Wit*:
Hello community, shall we have a little chat? 😊

We keep working on MV and exploring/organizing stuff for the AT re-launch on an affordable chain.

We have also taken a look at some of your ideas from the ideas channel on Discord.

@wrydais did a great job there to organize a few ideas from the Chinese community, for example. We can talk about some of them today, if you wish.

So there have been several ideas related to a potential Arena re-launch. There is no immediate plans to do so in the near future, however it could be possible. In any case we’d rather address those things when the time comes. Until then we will make sure to keep these topics on our radar.

So, one of the ideas was to use GAT/GATe as the game currency (for the treasury and payouts).

In my opinion it would substantially change the unique offer of AlchemyToys: we wanted to stay as close to “the real value” as possible when it comes to the value that is distributed (and also when assigning a potential value to the TOYs).

The most “real value” on any chain is its network currency. Also, it makes onboarding of people easier (they don’t need to get GATe to play).

However, one could think, of course, about implementing some background buy/use mechanism of GATe. Still, the question is: is it worth the trouble? It could perhaps help the price of GATe a bit and have higher on-chain transactions.

We are actively discussing it within the team and any feedback from the community is welcome and appreciated

Another idea is regarding the topic of “removing the prophet”, because bots could “abuse” it.

This is not something I worry about too much, for several reasons:
1. bots are required to follow the same rules on chain; while they are faster to react, that benefit is marginal in a turn-based game.
2. the rewards of prophets would be too small on an Affordable EVM to be worth the trouble of developing such a bot, TBH

Still, we explore ideas of changing the prophet system

Specifically there is an idea to make any active player a potential prophet (according to a certain % probability).

So you would make sure that only those who keep playing, also get the prophet benefits. In this case this rewards could even be increased for the prophet (e.g. additionally mint/airdrop a random TOY of 4th lvl, or similar). All these things are under discussion for this idea that you have provided.

Finally there is the idea of cross-chain game dynamics. This is especially interesting, if we were to deploy AT later as a casual P2E game to more chains.

We are exploring several angles here. TOY bridging is one of them. Another idea is to connect game events from one chain to another (this would add an additional off-chain layer to the gameplay, though — right now the games are completely on.chain and thus fully decentralized). For example something like:

Could be interesting, so for example if a wallet on the BNB chain makes a sacrifice, then the same wallet can make 1 additional sacrifice this cycle on the cheaper chain? Or something similar. This must be limited to reduce abuse, but it could be an interesting premium feature.

So those are three of your ideas that are currently under consideration in our Lab

Finally, let me make a small announcement regarding the “Affordable EVM Chain” that we want to use for AT re-launch as an affordable/casual P2E game with long-term external funding.

You may have heard about this funding — this is something we want to use 😊

Therefore, we plan to re-launch AT on Callisto to see the idea of an affordable/casual P2E game in action.

We have received different vibes from the community regarding Callisto. There are voices who are skeptical (because it is a smaller EVM compared to perhaps others), but also voices who see the potential.
We like the focus on security of the chain, and also low tx fees. On top, we receive great support and funding from from Callisto to make the game attractive long-term!

In my understanding is: what counts is if the traction can be continuously expanded with the continuous game funding. We want to see if the balances can work long-term and the game be attractive to played casually over months and years.

If the concept of “casual fully on-chain P2E game” works as envisioned, we do not see why we couldn’t deploy it later to other “Affordable EVMs” and also launch other games like Arena with a similar perspective.
We also explore and discuss ways of connecting the gameplay among those chains (e.g. TOY re-use).

My feeling is that many of you take care of other things right now. Crypto crashes and bears are no fun.
These things pass, however. The team is optimistic, we keep building.

We can discuss these things at a later point or at the next AMA.

You feedback and questions regarding my input today is very much appreciated. Please feel free to comment regardless if there is an active AMA or not. The team will make sure to keep an eye on the chat and on your opinions 🙌🏻

Thank you for reading — back to work! 😉



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