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Enduring 2%+ of Daily BSC Transactions

In the recent days some of the players of Alchemy Toys have noticed that the DApp UI has sometimes had trouble to update the information. While we went thorough careful planning of the infrastructure and its scalability before launching the game back in May, nothing beats real-time real-life pressure of millions of requests. We have collected countless learnings and data.

This week the amount of players and their engagement in Alchemy Toys has literally sky-rocketed. We estimate that at several occasions GAT Network has been responsible for up to 2%+ of all transactions data on the Binance Smart Chain.

This does, of course, put gigantic pressure on all the systems. This pressure uncovers hidden inefficiencies and allows us to optimize the systems. We have already advanced a lot in the recent days and hours, but we are not done yet. Our job is to ensure flawless gaming and support growth far beyond the current levels.

These learnings came at a cost. Unfortunately some players have experienced up to 1–2 hours of sync problems — something we deeply regret.

We thank the players for their patience and also for reporting issues to us, as they appear. In the past days several hidden edge-case bugs have been hunted down and fixed. Bugs that became visible only under these extreme conditions.

The product becomes more resilient and stable with every day. This learnings forge the foundations also for the upcoming games, where such problems should not exist anymore. While we are progressing well, it is not completely impossible that certain problems may still appear in the coming days. We ask you kindly to bear with us: they are usually fixed very fast!

Rest assured that the blockchain keeps track of the transactions correctly. You always have your TOYs and GATs. While our systems at times had trouble in keeping up with correct display of the information, it does not change the unbreakable facts on the chain. And this is the beauty of an on-chain game!



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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