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Founders donate 50,000 GAT to the Liquidity Pool

The founders of the GAT Network have donated 50,000 GAT to the liquidity pool at BakerySwap. The liquidity pool will launch shortly after the IDO on 19th of July 2021. The liquidity pool will launch with a total of at least 68,000 GAT (6.8% of total supply). The founders will not hold any LP tokens of the corresponding liquidity, meaning that the donation is indeed irreversible.

(Update July 27th: only 28,000 GAT have been used for the Liquidity Pool. Since liquidity is comfortable now we decided to give the remaining 40,000 GAT away at the launch of Alchemy Arena)

Remember: In April 2021 the founders have acquired 15% of the total supply of GATs:

  • 5% have been sent directly to the founders, whereas
  • 10% are legally locked on a wallet until November 2021.

The 5%, which were accessible by the founders, have now been donated to the liquidity pool. Please also have a look at our updated tokenomics page.

You can review the donating transactions here:

Founder: Anne 0x1632d659dcdb29e3b59226451ecdc38396ebea61

Founder: Roman 0xa99caa5e8d83d24002a3eb799efcbd98dcfc4943

Founder: Vitaly 0x17bd3a5a1987ea51f2a1d78c8431aa1eabba15ce

The 3 founders together now still hold a total of 100,000 GAT (33,333 GAT each) — legally locked at least until Nov, 2021 — view wallet



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GAT Network

GAT Network

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