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GAT Network financed beyond 2022

GAT Network has had several rounds of GAT token sales in the past months:

  • Pre-sale of 100,000 GAT in April 2021
  • Main Sale of ~100,000 GAT (with progressive pricing model)
  • OTC sale of 300,000 GAT in July
  • IDO of 300,000 GAT in July

The rest of the tokens is either locked (100,000 GAT bought by the founders) or used for diverse marketing activities (like BakerySwap TOYs staking, or the upcoming 40,000 GAT giveaway in Alchemy Arena).

90% of all the GATs have been sold and brought substantial funds to the company. To remove any possible doubts, GAT team would like to announce, that:

  1. GAT Networks is well funded for 2021, 2022 and beyond
  2. In the coming months we will work on additional revenue streams that should finance operations and growth in the years to come

All team members have a solid background in finances and business administration (decades of corresponding experience and education). The team’s approach in business is rather traditional: solid investment, effort and groundwork is necessary to ensure a long-term success of an enterprise.

While there are countless opportunities for hype and “get rich quick”-schemes in crypto, it is not an approach to do things at the GAT Network. Those who have followed the project in the past months (especially the slow model of the main sale) may have already had a taste of this organic way to forge strong foundations. This groundwork is necessary to build the coming revenue streams as well.

First comes the work, then comes the harvest.



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GAT Network

GAT Network

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