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GAT Network launches Business Development program

In order to expand the audience of the project and find partnerships for mutual benefits, GAT Network launches a business development program.

To begin a conversation with potential partners we start to work with some carefully chosen business developers.

Possible cooperations are for example custom Arenas for other projects to distribute their token or NFTs.

Farming 2.0

In this gamified farming Arena Players can play for token or farm them by staking in the Arena.

Game Ace

Another possibility to cooperate can be the drop of a branded Game Ace NFT. Game Ace cartridges are world’s first and only NFTs that are playable as standalone retro video games!
2 Game Ace NFTs have been launched already. The first one (“CryptoDoggies”) was a cooperation with Bakery Swap and CryptoDoggies — 665 Game Ace NFTs have been sold for 1 BNB each.

For celebrities, brands or Crypto Projects who want to drop their own innovative NFT for promotion or to distribute in their community we could create a branded Game Ace featuring a retro game of their choice.
Of course we could also organise the sale of this NFT at our NFT Marketplace Minted Vodka.

Check out the second Game Ace NFT “CryptoSnake”. This one we distributed among holders of GAT Networks native token. But the next Game Ace could be branded with your logo…

Staking for NFTs

There are even more possibilities for partnerships. You have NFTs that you would like to distribute with a marketing effect? We have the technology that holders of your token or any other token can farm your NFTs at Minted Vodka Marketplace.

Want to talk about a partnership? Contact our Business Development Team via this Google form!




Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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GAT Network crosschain NFT Market + p2eGaming + DeFi + NFTs + GAT Token (deflationary) @Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and crosschain!

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