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GAT Network Update *April/ May*

If you didn’t have the time to follow GAT Network’s activities closely during the last weeks, here is a retrospective for April & May!

Needless to say bear markets aren’t fun — we hope last weeks price turbulence didn’t hit you too hard.

During one of the last AMAs we were asked what do our company reserves look like — Crypto or fiat? We were also asked if we could you survive a bear market like that for a while.

The answer is that we have both (cash and fiat). The crash is not ideal, but we can survive for now.

In short-term we do not need our crypto-funds, we can keep working with the fiat reserves.

And luckily none of our funds are held in LUNA or UST, so no losses here.

We also continue to negotiate with potential investors to raise additional funds although recent months have not been optimal for fundraising.

Bear Markets are the time to build and that is exactly what we are doing.

Usually we meet the community once per week in our Telegram Channel to talk about the current development. Feel free to join us and and ask your questions. Times and dates are published on Twitter

The recaps can be found here on Medium — for example, here you can find the recap of last week’s community AMA

What else has happened?

In late April Callisto Network announced that GAT Network has been selected for the first batch of their “We fund you” — Program

This is a great opportunity to create a win-win for both communities. The first step in this partnership will be the launch of our p2e game “Alchemy Toys” on Callisto.

We see this as a potential new genre: the “CASUAL P2E” game (C-P2E 🤔😅 ?), that:

a. does not require continuous engagement (idleness can be beneficial through TOY holding & trading),
b. has its game logic fully on-chain ,
b. is very affordable, but
c. still highly lucrative to play

We think that gaming on-chain shall become more mainstream+fun and less reserved to speculators and elites. At the same time, it shall remain as decentralized as possible to remain fair for all — meaning that the logic shall be guaranteed by being fully on-chain.

Read the full article on this topic at

Only a few days ago we announced a cooperation with the IOTA ecosystem and its large community. Minted Vodka will join their their Assembly Network and we envision MintedVodka to become the central meeting point on Assembly for NFT creators, users, and traders.

Check out this article if you want to learn more

In this context we have also made 2 interesting partnerships within the IOTA ecosystem — namely

ShimmerSea, who strives to be the go-to DEX on the #IOTA Ecosystem.

And IOTABots — probably the most innovative and popular NFT creators in the IOTA community and ecosystem!


Last but not least in March, GAT Network was selected as one of the Top Players in BNB Chain’s MVB IV Program.

Due to the fact that BNB Chain is restructuring the Program MVB IV ended without further steps, but we have been invited to apply to MVB V.

More on that you can read here

So much for now — if you want to stay in the loop follow our Twitter and join our weekly community chat at our Telegram. The next community AMA will take place today (Thursday, June 2) at 11am UTC



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