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GAT Network Update *March*

If you didn’t have the time to follow GAT Network’s activities closely during the last weeks, here is a retrospective for March!

GAT Network joined MVB IV Incubation (BNB Chain)

Needless to say that the whole team is hyped! Some time ago we applied for the Incubation Program of BNB Chain (former Binance Smart Chain) and in March we got the exciting news!

Many of you will remember that we have been part of the Binance Labs Incubation Program lately. MVB is also a program of the Binance Family but but both programs exist independently from each other and have slightly different approaches.

The MVB IV program is meant to “accelerate the top dApps and builders in the BSC ecosystem.”
The current season of MVB (season 4) focuses on:

  1. web3 infrastructure
  2. advanced DeFi legos; and
  3. metaverse, gameFi & socialFi.

You can learn more about the program here.

GAT Network is now part of Binance Labs portfolio

We are honored to announce that GAT Network is now part of the Binance Labs portfolio (

The Binance Labs team has been a strong and helpful partner since we participated in their incubation and we can’t thank them enough for their kind support! We keep working hard to make Binance Labs and our community proud!

Partnership with Mint.Club

During the Binance Labs Incubation program we met the great team from Mint.Club and stayed in good contact since then. The Mint.Club team is doing a great job pushing their project and proved to be reliable and successful.

We are happy to announce a closer collaboration with Mint.Club to explore synergies and to support each other!

One of the first steps is that MINT token is now a preferred token on Minted Vodka for the rest of this year and applicable for premium deals. This means that all deals that involve MINT are free of platform fees!


In addition to this exciting news points we are still in build-mode and work hard behind the scenes. Most important topics are partnerships, funding and marketing. These 3 areas are very much connected, since we want to focus on cross marketing with strong partners. We tried a PR agency early this year but the results did not convince us. We talk about these a lot with other founders and most of them have similar experiences. We also refrain from working with fake/ bot followers. That might look nice for a moment but is not sustainable.

The newly formed partnership with Callisto Network is an example of a mutual beneficial cooperation.

In other news : As promised minting will be available in April for Minted Vodka!

Our new community manager is working to gather artists and NFT creators who will start to use the new minting tool once it’s available.

In this context we plan another shopping spree where we are going to buy NFTs at Minted Vodka for our in-house collection. Make sure you list your favorite NFTs in time!

As you know Minted Vodka is a non-escrow platform — Pete wrote a short article lately that explains what exactly this means. Check it out here

Apart from that we applied for more Incubation Programs, Hackathons, Funding Programs etc. to make contacts, raise funds and get exposure.

Thanks for all your support — we are happy to have our great community!



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