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GAT Network Update *November*

Huge things happened in November— if you didn’t had the time to follow GAT Network’s activities closely here is a retrospective of last month:

Binance Labs Incubation

Not sure anyone has heard but, GAT Network has been selected for the Binance Labs Incubation Season 3!

We are honored by this opportunity from Binance Labs! It is a token of trust in our project. It gives us significant support for further advancement and also a prospect for more assistance in the future.

We are looking forward to working with expert mentors, expanding our network & partnerships and achieving new ambitious milestones.

Within the first weeks of the program we already hat the chance to listen to the expertise of industry leaders like Sandeep Nailwal (Co-Founder Polygon) or He Yi (Co-Founder & CMO of Binance) — it’s just awesome!

We are eager to take full advantage of this opportunity and connect with the people we meet along the way.

Keeping up to speed with our Roadmap for December and Q1 is a bit challenging since the Incubation takes a lot of time but it’s totally worth it and we don’t want to miss a minute.

To learn more about the incubation program you find detailed information here:

There is also a lot of media coverage, here a few examples:

Relaunch GAT Token/ Supply Increase

Simultaneously with the incubation we announced a relaunch of the GAT token which is one of the extra measures to bring our projects to the next level.

To on-board future investors in our project and create a Growth Fund, we need to relaunch the GAT token with an extended total supply (2 MM tokens). The circulating supply will NOT be affected in the short term, though! Please read below!

Due to non-disclosure agreements we were not able to discuss this step with the community first but decided in the best interest of the project and its investors.

Judging from GAT price most community members understood the benefits this step brings:

  • Advantages of joining the incubation program of Binance Labs — we have access to specialized mentoring, partner networks and a prospect of future cooperation/support.
  • Advantages of growing the ecosystem in the next years using the tokens of the new Growth Fund
  • Advantages of a bridge-able token and upcoming cross-chain features of Minted Vodka
  • Founders accepting the reduction of their share (10% -> 5%) — keeping only 100,000 GAT/GATe tokens
  • Founders locking their tokens for 5 years (locked for 1 year + 4 years linear vesting) signaling a long-term commitment
  • Circulating supply will grow only slowly with careful distribution of tokens from the Growth Fund, preventing market shocks

We published a detailed article regarding this topic — please take the time to read it and also learn more about the growth fund

Recent AMAs

This months we held several AMAs — for example at Bakery Swap TG or at BSC Daily during which we presented GAT Network to a wider audience and gave an insight on our current work.

If you missed it please find the recap of the BSC Daily AMA here

More AMAs are planned for December.


As most of you know our marketplace Minted Vodka is our current focus. In very few weeks we will relaunch it with a new UI and add features like Mystery Boxes and Minting.

Therefore it’s time for Minted Vodka to have its own social channels. Make sure to follow them (if you are not already):

Minted Vodka Twitter

Minted Vodka Telegram ANN

P.S. We finally managed to change GAT Networks Twitter handle from @alchemytoys to @gat_network - follow us to stay up to date!

GAT Staking

On November 4th a new Game Ace farm for Missile Commander started!

GAT holders can stake their tokens to receive the next Game Ace NFT cartridge for their Game Ace collection. At the time this article is published there are still some Game Ace NFTs available as staking rewards…

Next Game Ace NFT: Crypto Invaders

Game Ace collectors watch out — soon the next cartridge will be dropped:

Stay tuned for launch date and make sure to complete your collection!

New feature for Game Ace collectors

You can now see all the GameAce NFTs in your wallet on
(or simply click the green button on

A one-stop source to see all your cartridges and their rarity scores!

Game Ace at OpenSea!

Speaking of Game Ace we must not forget to mention that the first Game Ace NFTs have been bridged to Ethereum and Polygon and appeared at OpenSea.

Nice floor price by the way ;)

Learn more about that and how the bridge actually works here

An Xmas Wish

Christmas is coming!

To celebrate the season we created a Xmas Special Toy NFT (supply of 555)

We won’t directly sell the NFTs but give them away over the next weeks.
Plus it is available in the Toy Oven


Also in December we ran many challenges and giveaways. There are always one or more giveaways to join — to check them out visit:

Psst, you can win the Xmas Wish there of course!

New Arena

We gathered your feedback from the survey and launched a new Arena with adjusted settings

Read what’s new here…

Play here


Whitepaper Update

Our Whitepaper had been written in April — it was time for an update!

Many thanks to our new Core Team member Pete who wrote the new Litepaper. You can find it at our website or directly beneath this link



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