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GAT Teams Up with Bird for Added Development Power

In January 2022 GAT Network united its forces with Bird to bring further developments to the platform.

GAT Network is an NFT platform which seeks to provide a highly scalable infrastructure for users and developers to build, trade, play and make the most of what NFTs can offer. GAT Network is centered around its trading platform, Minted Vodka, which represents the perfect environment for both traders and creators to freely showcase and transact their NFTs.

Bird is a company of highly skilled tech professionals which provides, on-chain oracle, launchpad and online shopping services for the crypto environment.

Due to their extensive expertise with data analysis, we have strong reasons to believe that the team is a well-desired addition to our own, as both parties synergyse perfectly in both scope and expertise while sharing the vision of what GAT Network is capable of achieving.

Bird’s on-chain data analysis expertise will help us create solutions that meet the product-market fit demand to perfection. This, coupled with our extensive experience in writing some of the best-performing contracts of the decentralised space, is meant to bring a plus in the overall quality of our product, which has always been our main objective.

More about GAT Network

GAT Network founded in 2021 which seeks to provide an all-in-all infrastructure for NFTs in the decentralised space, where users can create, manage, trade, collaborate across chains.

Furthermore, GAT Network will offer a complete set of tools to guide developers into making the most out of their ideas by using non-fungible tokens.

More about Bird

Bird is an enterprise which is specialized in creating and developing highly secure machine-learning prediction products, which use the decentralised, permissionless technology to enhance the future of the Web 3.0. This powerful behavioral data resource is what has propelled the advancement of some of the biggest players of the Web 2.0 industry, thus making Bird invaluable for the decentralized space.

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