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How Alchemy Toys integrates Minted Vodka

Minted Vodka has been successfully launched and also the corresponding integration in Alchemy Toys. To make trading of TOYs as easy and transparent as possible several tools have been added to Alchemy Toys. Here is a small overview.

Quick Sidebar Link

To allow users a quick navigation to the deals that include TOYs, a direct link has been added to the sidebar. When you use it, you will see that Minted Vodka is opened with a pre-set search filter so that you see only TOY deals.

TOY status and Marketplace Link

When viewing token details for a particular TOY on Alchemy Toys, you can now see directly if it is on sale and even see the corresponding Minted Vodka deal displayed! On any TOY you can click on “Open this TOYS token on the Marketplace”, this will open Minted Vodka with the token info:

You should note here that:

  1. you can view the current deal where the TOY is offered
  2. you can click on “New deal” to create a new deal using this token (on the bid side, if the token is yours, or on the ask side, if it belongs to someone else)

Find the missing TOYs

You have started to sacrifice your collection in order to win the game, but just don’t seem to worship / melt the TOY that you need? No problem! Go to “Enlightenment” section in Alchemy Toys, where you can see your current sacrifice progress. On TOYs that you have not sacrificed yet, you will see a marketplace icon that you can click. Let us click on the “Broken Chair”, as an example.

The link will open Minted Vodka and fill bartender’s search request with the corresponding filters. Now you can see the deals where a “Broken Chair” is offered.

Further Integrations

Further integrations are under discussion. If you have any feedback or ideas, please do not hesitate to share with us on Discord #ideas channel!



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