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IDO at Bakery Swap sold out in minutes — what´s next?

No financial advice

Today (July 19th, 2021) 7am UTC an IDO took place at Bakery Swap (read information on that here).

The IDO sold out within minutes.

Next step is a Liquidity Pool set up by Bakery Swap. This Liquidity Pool is planned to contain at least 68,000 GAT donated by the founders of GAT Network. (Update July 27th: only 28,000 GAT have been used for the Liquidity Pool. Since liquidity is comfortable now we decided to give the remaining 40,000 GAT away at the launch of Alchemy Arena)

People should be aware that GAT price might be volatile right after the IDO. Holders with larger positions might dump to profit from Fomo. This is a common thing in Crypto (also stock market). We, the founders, will of course NOT sell any GAT close to the IDO — our funds are locked and we have a longterm perspective.

If you are interested in buying GAT make sure you find a good entry point instead of fomo-ing in. And everyone should stay cool headed and remember the golden rules in crypto:

– Do your own research
– Don´t invest more you can afford to lose
– Beware of Scammers — only used trusted services for trading

GAT is not another meme-coin that can be easily destroyed by dumps. It can recover from dumps because it has uses-cases and utility. There is a reason why game rewards and staking rewards are paid out in BNB — that gives stability. That´s why we focus on the products. This will secure demand for GAT.

Next steps

The Dev Team will now progress to build up the ecosystem of GAT Network.

Important next steps in that context are the new NFT Game Alchemy Arena launching next months and a minting option for Minted Vodka NFT Exchange.

The IDO was just one more step for us.

Neither us nor the products of GAT Network depend on GAT price. After the IDO we are funded to keep on building a strong ecosystem and good products. The rest will follow.



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