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MEXC Global to list GAT tomorrow — giveaways start today!

Tomorrow, Monday 2nd of August 2021, we have scheduled the first official listing of the GAT token at a centralized exchange: MEXC Global.

We have been presented this opportunity in the recent days and had to act swiftly. Although MEXC has agreed to waive the significant listing fees, they have still required 14,000 GAT for marketing. It is worth noting, that all these GATs are planned as giveaways in a multitude of marketing events (AMA, competitions, launchpad, etc.). This means that all these tokens flow back to the community as giveaways.

We have asked the community in a 24h-poll to give us feedback on whether 14,000 GAT could be used from the 40,000 GAT Marketing/Community Reserve (that was initially planned to be used completely for the launch giveaways of Alchemy Arena). The community responded with 80% in favor. We have followed the decision of the community and given MEXC the necessary GAT funds to run the marketing giveaways for the GAT listing.

The focus of our team remain GAT holders, and token’s long-term value and use-cases. GAT token’s utility and value does not depend on the short-term market movements nor its price. It only depends on the ecosystem which is built. The ecosystem also does not depend on the market price of the GAT token. Our team is financed and the work continues. Trading, shilling and token speculation has never been our focus.

However, we are responding to many voices in the community, that are calling for CEX listing and token marketing. We have also applied to be listed at Binance and further CEX listing may follow in the months to come. It is still not our top priority, but we will do our necessary part to allow users to trade GAT on the platforms they love.



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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