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Minted Vodka is launched: the most flexible NFT Exchange

After the successful launch of their on-chain board-game “Alchemy Toys” in May, the GAT Network finally launches the highly flexible NFT Exchange “Minted Vodka” . Minted Vodka is a place where everybody can trade any BEP721 (NFTs) and BEP20 (coins) assets available on the network, with total flexibility: use any combination of any crypto-asset on any side of a trade — bid or ask. Minted Vodka is integrated with Alchemy Toys to facilitate trade and improve the game dynamics.

Update July 1st, 2021:
The final audit report by Solidity Finance has been published. The audit was successful and positive. You can read the full report

What can you expect?

  • A Flexible Deals Engine, that is not limited to Alchemy Toys: Trade anything for anything in any combination ! This allows other types of trades apart from the usual sales, for example: bundling, swaps, sophisticated bids and counter-offers, …
  • Powerful Search Engine: create complex queries to find exactly what the user is looking for. All the search queries can be saved in a custom queries list, which can be modified, duplicated, shared and used later for even quicker searches.
  • Flat-fee Trading & Premium Trades: regardless of what you are trading, there are no listing fees only a flat fee on a successful trade: currently 0.014BNB. When using GAT in a deal, no fees are paid at all.

What’s next?

  • Minting: a liberal minting concept of “initial minting offering” (IMO) is in development scheduled for release in August 2021, bringing several new deflationary GAT use-cases.
  • Staking: GAT owners will be able to participate directly in the revenue of the NFT Exchange (all collected fees will flow to either the Alchemy Toys game treasury or MV stakers); scheduled release for July/August 2021.



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