Minted Vodka NFT Market ist the FIRST PUBLIC PROJECT on the ShimmerEVM Testnet

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2 min readOct 27, 2022


Great news! Minted Vodka is the first public project on the Shimmer EVM Testnet!

You can now mint and sell your NFTs — to get you started we prepared video tutorials and all the information that you need:

Start using Shimmer EVM

How to mint on Shimmer EVM

How can I connect my Wallet to the Testnet?

Please see the introduction video below and use the following network configuration for your wallet:

  • Network name: Shimmer Testnet
  • RPC URL: here
  • Chain ID: 1074 (this is the same ID as the SHimmer Testnet!)
  • Currency Symbol: Mi

How can I get faucet tokens?

To be able to perform on-chain transaction on the Testnet side-chain, you still need faucet tokens from the Testnet in your wallet. We have deployed a tool provided by IF that you can use to send some tokens to your address. For more information see the introduction video below.

How stable is the side-chain? Are my NFTs secure?

While you can already use all the features of MintedVodka and even bridge the NFTs later to the mainnet, please keep in mind that the side-chain runs on beta-level node software provided by IF developers. While we are confident in keeping the side-chain running and consistent, please keep in mind that it is still in beta-test phase!

My Metamask / transactions don’t seem to work?P

lease be aware that our side-chain uses the same chain-ID as the official Shimmer Testnet (1074). If you already have the Shimmer Testnet configured in your Metamask and you click on “Switch network”-Button, then the main Shimmer Testnet might get automatically selected in Metamask, instead of the Minted Vodka’s side-chain. In this case, please make sure to automatically select/verify the correct network in your Metamask before using MintedVodka! This inconvenience will disappear in the near future!

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