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MintedVodka 2 Preview + Shopping Spree!

Dear GATfamily,

Today we would like to give you preview access to MintedVodka v2. for public testing.

We also announce a 2,000 USD shopping spree on Friday 14th of January - learn more about that below.

Find the Minted Vodka v2 preview for public testing here:

Please use this Google Form (Forms links do not work in Medium in Android — please copy/paste the link into a browser if this is the case for you) to report bugs/ issues

If you want to see a particular NFT collection as trusted, please let us know:

Please note that we launch the preview for public testing. All your feedback is welcome. Please also note that the smart contracts are not audited yet!

MintedVodka 2.0 Community Preview

It is a work-in-progress, updates are pushed constantly and new features will appear continuously in the next weeks. Right now you can already see the following:

  • multichain NFT wallet
  • multichain NFT collections overview
  • BSC and Polygon chains
  • Marketplace with flexible non-escrow deals

In the coming 2–3 weeks you will notice many improvements and new features appear, like:

  • Bulk deals
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Auctions

Ethereum chain will also be added for trading soon, after a round of successful public testing.

2,000 USD Shopping Spree

To encourage public testing, we would like to go on a shopping spree on Friday 14th and spend up to 2,000 USD (GATe). If you have some cool NFTs that you would like to sell, please consider joining our shopping event!

Please make sure to create deals with GATe on the ask side of the deal, if you want to participate and to list your deal at the v2 version of Minted Vodka

If you happen to have a Twitter account, you could also tweet your deal with the #MintedVodkaShopping tag, to make it easier for us to find the participating deals (please tag the creator of the NFT in your tweet, we would love to know more about them!).

The GAT Network team wants to build our own in-house NFT collection and run regular shopping sprees! We are looking for different collections across all supported chains and see our collection to be broad and versatile. Looking forward to see your favorite collections and pieces!



Gat Network is a web of connected NFT trading & gaming projects — launched in early 2021 by a fully transparent team/company in Germany.

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